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Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture Body Sorbet

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Juicy Couture Body Sorbet is average with awesome scent!


This is not the body cream or souffle, but the sorbet. This is a very thin, and runny lotion.  The scent of course is awesome to anyone who like the perfume and smells just like it.  While the scent in the lotion itself doesn't last more than a couple of hours I find that it does help the perfume last longer when you apply the lotion first.  Maybe because moisturized skin hold sscents better?  And since this is the same scent, the perfume doesn't have to overcome a different scent for example from Bath and Body Works?  Either way the lotion does smell good, makes the perfume last longer, and moisturizes ALMOST all day.  I say almost, because my skin is super dry and this doesn't quite last into the night, maybe only 6 hours as opposed to 10 or 12 hours.  This lotion would be more suited for my skin type in summertime, since it is lightly moisturizing and fragranced. But if you have normal skin, this may not be as big as problem for you. As a lotion to use by itself I will stick with Bath & Body Works they are more moisturizing.


Littlefield, TX


Juicy Couture Body Sorbet

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