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Juiceman Juicer JM480


Enjoy all your favorite fresh juices with ease with an all-in-one automatic juice extractor and citrus juicer combined. With 1.1 HP (800 watts) of power and high/low speed control, you'll enjoy maximum juice extraction on all your produce from berries to rind-on pineapple. The citrus juicer attachment features 2 juicing cones for small and large citrus fruits. An integrated pulp container takes up less space on your counters, while a custom juice pitcher makes measuring or serving easy. The 3-inch wide mouth feed chute lets you juice more with less precutting, while the snap-up juice spout helps keep drips and spills off your counters. All this, plus dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning and built-in cord storage.

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I have a love / hate relationship with my juicer


When I got this juicer I did not know or expect the give and take process of using it. Although it provides me with healthy fruit and vegetable juices, it is a chore to use and also a chore to clean. This is my first and only juicer and I must say that I am only and just barely liking it. For the money I spent on it I wanted so much to be able to say I love it. Pulp Setting Effectiveness The pulp setting effectiveness seem to be a little off. I don't think that this juicer extracts all that it should be able to from fruits and vegetables that you put through it. Although I do use the pulp to make baked and dried chips and snacks Stability While in Use The stability seems to be fair , but on occasion I have had a few hick ups and have had to shut it off to make adjustments with what ever vegetable I had in there.This seemed to occur when juicing root vegetables like turnips or raw beets. Ease of Cleaning Although this juicer comes with a brush of it's own for cleaning the pulp basket , the pulp baskets design itself is hard to clean because the metal bands at it's top and bottoms have a small tight crease that collects debris that takes a lot of effort to get the food debris totally out. Durability I would have to say that the durability is satisfactory because it still looks good as far as the transparent plastic , and has no look of wear and tear after the many uses and washing is concerned. Versatility/Number of Features This juicer is pretty versatile , although I have not explored all of it's functions and capabilities yet. I must say that I am happy with it's number of features because I have no experience with any other juicer to compare. Design I was a little overwhelmed with the number of parts that come with this juicer. But the overall look of it is nice and that is one of the first things that got my attention when I bought it.



Juiceman Juicer JM480

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