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Juice Beauty
Juice Beauty Green Apple Collection Peel, 2 fl oz

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Did not have the Wow factor


Juice Beauty Green Apple Collection Peel is a mask that contains many ingredient properties that deliver antioxidants to revitalize your skin. All good reasons to like, right. I purchased the Juice Beauty cleanser and received the peel free. I wanted this product to be part of my mask collection but it hasn't wowed me. Not sure why, it has all the right stuff. Different strokes for different folks! Effectiveness I have kept an open mind for this product. I used the entire jar and it did not deliver the results I am looking for in a peel/mask. One positive was softer skin. In all fairness to the product I did not experience any issues. Ease of Application The name of the product is somewhat misleading. When I see the word peel on a product I usually avoid. This product comes in a small glass jar which I like. It is a clear gel that you apply to your face. Leave on 10- 15 minutes. Does not harden when dry. Scent The product says green apple so you would think it would have the scent of a luscious green apple, it doesn't. If there is a scent it's faint. I do not get it.

Saint Anne, IL




I am not fond of many of Juice Beauty's products, but I absolutely can not live without the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for the face. The product name is a little misleading. It is not a peel. This is a mask. It does have alpha hydroxy acid as an active ingredient to melt away the dead skin cells on your face. As we get older, our cell rejuvenation is slower. Using this product speeds up the process, exposing new skin cells, leaving the skin radiant, glowing. I leave the mask on for about 15 minutes and then splash it off and pat my skin dry. It has a nice scent, but i know there are many people with allergies. I always caution people to take a sniff before purchasing. Finally, I use the full-strength Green Apple Peel. All that really means is that the active ingredients are higher. There is a sensitive skin formula which is not as harsh. If you are not use to using AHA in other products, I recommend beginning with the sensitive formula and working up to the full-strength formula.

Chicago, IL


Makes my skin glow!


I have been using the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for two years, ever since I read raves about it on Essential Day Spa (essentialdayspa.com).  The label says it is a peel, but it's really a mask that you wash off.  The Green Apple Peel is made of natural, organic ingredients and uses an AHA - alpha hydroxy acid - enzyme as a main ingredient to exfoliate your skin. I love this product because it does exactly what it claims to do - make my skin look and feel smoother, as well as promote cell turnover!  For me this basically means that my acne scars fade faster, and my skin generally looks glowier.  After I use it, my face feels so smooth and soft that it's hard to stop touching it! There is a full-strength and a sensitive skin version - I use the full strength version.  If you're not sure if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test (of course).  To use it, you just smear it on your face (it smells nice), leave it for ten minutes, and wash off.  It tingles a little when it's on - that's how you know it's working. Great stuff!

La Jolla, CA


Juice Beauty Green Apple Collection Peel, 2 fl oz

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