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Not Just a Website--It's a Shopping Event


Over the past year, I've signed up for a few "flash sales" websites, like MyHabit, OneKingsLane, and Joss & Main. For those who don't know, these are websites that specialize in limited-time and limited-quantity, discounted merchandise (also called "events"). They're kind of like a HomeGoods or Marshall's on the web. Joss & Main feature a wide variety of ever-changing designer products that are currently on trend. Everything is chic and fashionable and there are great bargains in every category. My favorite category is home decor. Joss & Main always has beautiful wall art, mirrors, occasional tables, bookshelf objects, pillows, and a thousand-and-one ways to create eye-catching displays for a coffee table. Occasionally, some of the more unique and popular items are likely to sell out before you get a chance to add them to your cart. But surprisingly, I've found that the items I tend to be interested last long enough that I haven't been disappointed. I guess it all depends if what you want is something that lots of other people want as well. In any case, it's probably best to act quickly if it's something you really want. Of the three event sites that I visit most often, Joss & Main is my top pick for their selection of fashionable home decor.

Chicagoland, IL


Lots of Pretty Things


Joss & Main is one of those sites that tries to seem exclusive by requiring you to join their mailing list to get a look at all the pretty home goods on their site. Once you submit your email address, they send you daily messages with their new deals. Unless you opt out of the "news letters", your inbox can quickly become clogged with offers. Once you have access, there are so, so many pretty things to love! I usually want at least one item from each new sale, and it's sometimes difficult to choose. Unfortunately, the very best deals are snapped up almost immediately, and much of the merchandise for sale isn't much of a bargain even at half price because it was ridiculously marked up when it was first offered for sale. I am almost always able to closely replicate the looks I find at Joss & Main at local retail outlets for significantly less strain on my bank account. Shipping is a flat $9.95, which is great if you're buying a piece of furniture, but not if you've got your eye on a throw pillow.

Boynton Beach, FL


Joss&Main | Jossandmain.com

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