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Jose Ole
Jose Ole Mexi-minis - chimichangas

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Where's the steak and cheese? Ay caramba!


I like to have emergency foods in the freezer, so I bought a big box of Jose Ole Mexi-Minis - Steak & Cheddar Mini Chimichangas. We all like Mexican, so it seemed like a good idea. The picture on the box was right appetizing - but you can't judge frozen food by the box. After weed wacking the yard today which didn't go all that well, I decided a quickie dinner was in order. Out came the Joe Ole Chimichangas. The boys had to go to Scouts, so the 12 minute baking time was very attractive. They can go in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes for 6, but I find that foods usually taste better baked in a standard oven. The first thing I noticed was that Jose Ole must have dumped crumbs in my box. When I poured these out on my favorite (not so pretty) baking pan, there were all kinds of bread pieces. I raked those to the edge and tossed most of them, because they looked sure to scorch. It took a little longer than 12 minutes to crisp these up as indicated in the directions. They didn't brown very even, but that was no big deal. I wouldn't serve them for company anyway. The boys dove in first. I asked how they were. Caleb asked if they were gravy rolls. He's a bit on the picky side (having grown up on homemade food mostly). I told him they were, in fact, steak and cheese, and he said, "uhm." The younger one was digging in the fridge for extra cheese to melt on top after he sampled them, so I figured they were not too cheesy. I got a bowl and started nibbling. I think Clara Peller (the "Where's the Beef" lady from the old Wendy's commercial would be yelling - "Where's the steak?") I ate 4 or 5 of these and never bit into anything that reminded me of steak in any way. I think I saw a little cheese in one of them. Basically, these are gravy rolls which isn't at all what I had in mind or what the picture on the box suggested. These look like hamburger and steak rolls and are really lumpy gravy rolls. My dog didn't think much of them either. She buried them. I guess she is saving them for hard times. When I buy products like this, I remember why I usually cook our food from scratch. If I made something with steak and cheese, you'd know it. If you didn't read this box, you'd not have a clue about the brown stuff wrapped in the anemic tortillas. You'd think that Momma was trying to stretch some leftover gravy. And, you'd probably not be too impressed.    

southern, NC


Jose Ole Mexi-minis - chimichangas

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