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Jose Ole
Jose Ole Chicken Taquitos Corn Tortillas

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I'd like to know where the picture on the box went! No chicken that I could find in it. The filling looked and tasted like retried beans. There was kind of small processed looking small pieces of meat or chicken product found in the 5th one I ate. I cooked them in the oven according to instructions.



I was let down with these


I love Jose Ole Taquitos, but I usually buy the shredded steak. I like chicken so I thought I would switch it up and try the Jose Ole Chicken Taquitos. I cooked them exactly as the package says, but they turn out pretty bad. The corn tortilla was mushy and the chicken was dry. It fell apart as soon as I touched it. I also thought the flavor was too bland. I think I will stick to the steak.



As close to real Mexican taquitos as you can get


I've been talking a lot about real Mexican food vs fake or fast food Mexican food lately and how I dislike the fake food out there. If it's going to be authentic Mexican food, it needs to be prepared fresh or from a ***real ***Mexican restaurant. But if I had to choose a frozen Mexican Food item found at the market, there are two choices only for me: 1) El Monterey Beef and Bean with Green Chile Burritos and Jose Ole Chicken Taquitos. These Taquitos are as close to real Mexican Taquitos as you can get. It's shredded chicken, seasonings and spices and some green chiles wrapped in an authentic corn tortilla. You can microwave them, but I don't recommend it. They end up soft and sort of soggy. The best bet is to bake them in the toaster oven for about 30 minutes at about 375. They come out crunchy and flavorful, the way they really should be. Yes, it takes a lot more time, but they are better tasting that way. Add some salsa and some sour cream and you've got yourself a meal. They have 7g of fat, 10mg of cholesterol, 0 sugar and 390mg of sodium for a serving of 3 taquitos. Not bad. You'll want more of course, because they're pretty good and addicting. Enjoy!

Sherman Oaks, CA


Jose Ole Chicken Taquitos Corn Tortillas

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