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Jose Eber
Jose Eber Pro Series 13mm Curling Iron Ceramic Barrel Ionic

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My secret hair weapon


This curling iron heats up very quickly and holds a curl and/or wave all day long and sometimes into the following day. I have fine hair that was never able to hold a curl of any kind without loads and loads of product but when I use Jose Eber's Pro Series 13mm Curling Iron Ceramic Barrel Ionic I do not have to use any product at all. I think the secret to this successful curling iron is the fact that it is a wand and does not have a clamp attached. The ionic formula of this curling iron leaves my fine hair undamaged and smooth. It creates the perfect beach wave and curl every time I use this curling iron and I have done all of my friends hair using this heating tool and they have all fallen in love with it just like I have. My friends and I all have different hair types and yet this curling iron is successful on all of our hair types. I recommend this curling iron to everyone girl and woman I know because it is so successful at creating the perfect wave or curl you want every time and holds the curls without any product.



I hate the Jose Eber curling iron


Ugh! I spent so much in Vegas on this curling iron (hundreds...) and I am just kicking myself. I let one of those kiosk girls guildt trip me into buying it, and I totally regret it. First, why anyone would pay that much for a curling iron is rediculous - yep, I admit it, I was stupid. Second, this curling iron, unlike typical ones, has nothing to hold your hair onto the hot iron. That means that you have to use your fingers. I think the girl that was demonstrating the iron to me must have burned permanent callouses on her fingers, because she did it very well. I burn the tips to my fingers every time. She gave me this cute little pair of gloves to wear, which should have been my first warning clue. Try curling your hair with static-creating gloves on... Not as easy or glamorous as it sounds. Unfortunately, my most expensive beauty product sits under my sink because I am too ashamed to tell my husband that I want to get rid of it...

Dillon, MT


I love my Jose Eber Curling Iron!


I can't say enough about this curling iron!  It is clipless, so that's less parts to have to keep clean or to get in my way.  I actually purchased the one with the pink handle, so it is quite attractive.  It has a lifetime warranty, so that gives me piece of mind.  It was a little more expensive then I planned on spending, but the quality is so much better then the cheap units in the store.  For starters, the barrel is ceramic - it gets pretty warm, but it doesn't burn me or my daughter's head if it's touched accidentally - even if it's on for a while.  It has a Teflon coating, so no hair ever gets tangled in the barrel.  It uses ionic technology, so hair will not get damaged during use.  Also, curls actually hold all day - even when they get wet!  I love this 13mm size - the half inch curls are perfect for my 7-year-old daughter's head size.  I just take a small strip of hair, wrap it flatly agains the barrel, and hold for 3-5 seconds.  It produces a curl even if the hair is still a little damp.  The best part is the look - beautiful curls, soft, bouncy, and shiny.  If I had to do it over again, I would. 

Alexandria, OH


Jose Eber Pro Series 13mm Curling Iron Ceramic Barrel Ionic

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