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Jordans Jordans sectional (Huntington House)

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Jordans Huntington House sectional is a BIG couch for a BIG room


Being a very busy mother with two younger kids and having cats AND dogs in the house...I have always found it very difficult to get a couch that will clean up easy, look nice in the living room, and be big enough for my two kids, my husband, myself, and all my family pets. The Jordan's Huntington House sectional is super comfortable, easy to clean, and everyone loves it. It not only looks great but it's awesome to take a nap on after cleaning up after everyone! We have a very big living room so it was always tough to find a couch and love seat, AND chair to fit into the space well and make the room look cozy. This particular sectional totally did it for us and everyone that comes into the house thinks it looks incredible. Even though we needed a big couch, we didn't need a big chunk taken out of our bank accounts. This sectional wasn't as expensive as some and it was more then worth the money we spent on it. We would buy this sectional three times over if we had to. It's an awesome sectional and looks great as well!!


Townsend, MA


Jordans Jordans sectional (Huntington House)

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