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Jordana Mood Lipstick

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Interesting Jordana mood lipstick


This is a really cool product for the young or"young at heart!" My color was not flattering, however my daughter absolutely loved it! Like most lipsticks, it looks different on different people. It turned out bright pink on me and was very difficult to remove. On my daughter it was a very pretty shade and lasted for several hours and was truly fade resistant. Of course when she tried to take the product off at night, a couple of layer of lip skin may have come with it. I think it is more of a lipstick/lipstain type thing. I love fade resistant lipstick except when it is a color you do not care for! If ou do buy this beware of dark shades or shades that will turn dark. Try to get as light a possible> It may work better then. I wasn't willing to shell out more money on the product to find out. Try it fo Halloween, maybe that is what it was meant for! I don't mean to sound tacky, but I was disappointed.

Seguin, TX


Jordana Mood Lipstick is one of the best lipstick i've tried.


Jordana mood lipstick is one of the best lipsticks i've had in  a long time,the color was so perfect for me the tube had a # instead of a name for the color. It was a perfect Red i got so many complements on the lipstick, but when the tube ran out i couldn"t find the color anywhere.

Bronx, NY


Jordana Mood Lipstick

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