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Joovy Groove Green Black Umbrella Stroller

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Joovy is groovy!


I got this stroller for my third child, and I wish I'd bought it sooner! The stroller moves effortlessly and it is very sturdy - something you do not see often in an 'umbrella stroller'. It is quite roomy so it can grow with the little ones; most lightweight strollers we tried on our first two kids were very small and didn't grow with them, so this was a concern. The price is a bit higher than some others, but it is worth it to have a stroller to keep for more than 1 year. The handles are well positioned and the canopy is large enough to protect my little one - it folds easily into a small enough size for a car trunk. Finally, the wheels move well to glide, which is helpful not to jostle our little one around at every bump. A+ Child Comfort Large enough to grow with kids more than 1 year! Maneuverability Easy to move and handles that are actually comfy!



Not for us!


I really wanted to like this stroller. It is very roomy (we have a 2 yr old the size of a 4yr old) Space was very important. I love the storage compartment. It is very easily accessed. Something a lot of umbrella strollers lack. The height of the handle is perfect for taller parents. I'm 5'10 and I hate being hunched over. And that is about all we liked. The stroller might be tall but the suspension on this product stinks. I'm sure it would be just fine for a little tot but our 45lb-er makes this thing impossible to drive! The more weight in the stroller the harder to steer and turn. The weight of our child would sink the stroller in the barrings which would prohibit the wheels from spinning. Not sure why since we had another 10lbs on the weight limit. This was a fail.

Chaska, MN


Two strollers in one!


My husband announced before our second son was born that he was putting into place a stroller embargo. Argh! I **love** my strollers... I used to have about five of them, but after the embargo, no more strollers!A couple of the older ones we got rid of and finally about six months ago I convinced my husband to let me buy a new stroller for our just turned two year old (I had to let him buy a new cell phone, but it was worth it!). The Joovy Groove isn't cheap, but it's a fantastic stroller. We live in Florida, and I've always had issues with the stroller canopy not doing anywhere close to a decent job. The Joovy Groove has an extra extender on the canopy, so I rarely find myself in a position where I have to drape something across the front of the stroller to keep the sun out of his eyes. The basket isn't huge, but it's big enough and unlike the Peg Perego Pliko I used to have, I don't lose stuff out of the sides if I fill it up. It's an umbrella and the folding is simple and easy to do one handed. I have issues if I am wearing flippers which is often in Florida because the main mechanism is fairly tough, but I prefer sturdy anyway, so I deal with it. If I'm in sneakers it's a breeze. The stroller comes with two complete sets of fabric, including a whole different stroller canopy. It's brilliant! One week I have a black stroller and when the mood takes me I can strip the whole thing off and use the lime green one instead. I love it. It also comes with a reversible summer/winter seat pad. It's just a brilliant stroller. I am always getting compliments on it.... especially when it's in lime green mode! The only thing I wish for is that on the Peg Perego they have a standing area on the back for your older child to stand on. I loved that and would have loved to have seen that feature on this stroller. That would have made it my perfect stroller.

Deltona, FL


Great canopy, otherwise pretty standard


This stroller is perfectly functional. We chose it initially for a Disney trip with an 8 month old, and it worked very well. We were looking for a near full recline and a good canopy, both for shade and "isolation" during naps. Both of those we got. It's also very transportable--nice and light. However, after light use for a year, the hook that holds it together when folded broke off - we just use a bungee cord, but it was a bit annoying. The included rain cover is great, we just keep it in the under-bin - not too much else will fit in there anyway. Cons are that the storage bin is ridiculous - very small, and the access means things that go in have to be crushed. But - it is a very light, transportable stroller. Now that my son is tall, it is also less useful - a foot rest would be good. One more minor issue - the wheels squeak. It stops for a while if you spray with veggie oil. Overall, this is decent and worked well for what we needed when we bought it - but I wouldn't say it's any super-duper-fantastic miracle stroller. But that's a dream anyway. So - it's groovy.

Belmont, MA


The best stroller for your money Handsdown!


For me buying a stroller was a huge investment!  I think of all the times you need one, and how long you really need it to last, and I can't imagine owning one I wasn't 100% in love with!  My mother in law actually found this stroller for me and I have used it from the day my son left his infant carrier, but the frame is large enough to use as long as we will need one!  It's extra roomy, lightweight, and easy to open and close.  For the same price you get two complete strollers.  A green set, and a black set.  The material is heavy and durable and even though I have had this for over two years I've yet to have to change them out.  Cleaning is as easy as can be as you can easily clean mud off the fabric with just a damp towel.  WE LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller and get stopped everytime we have it out to ask where we found it!     

Johnson City, TN


Love my Joovy Groove!


I love love love the Joovy Groove! It comes with 2 complete seat and hood sets, a custom fit rain cover, and a nice storage bag for the unused set to stay nice and clean in. Its very easy to switch looks. The seat pad is a nice feature too, soft and fleecy on one side and a nice cool fabric on the other side. The storage basket is a nice size too. The seat reclines nearly flat and has a fold up leg rest for naps. It handles well and has a 4 wheel suspension that handles the bumps. There is nothing I dont love about this stroller, if i did have to name one thing it would be that the wheels make the hood dirty when folded but apparantly that is a common problem for all umbrella type strollers.

Bayville, NJ


longtime search for great umbreally stroller at a low price!


i have been looking for the "perfect " umbrella stroller for soooo long and finally decided on the joovy groove for its durability, lightweight, cool color, easy fold..... its a little bit pricey so i shopped around a TON to find a good deal and wanted to share with other mothers what i found -an amazing great price at check it out if you are looking for a really great stroller (as checked out by a mom who is crazy into research of baby stuff) at a super price!  

Silver Spring, MD


Joovy Groove Green Black Umbrella Stroller

4.4 7