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Joint Care Dog Supplement

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Not practical and can have negative side effects


The Bottom Line: This GLC 1000 Glucosamine supplement for dogs has very high quality ingredients BUT with either the capsule or powder formula, it is less than practical. It also made one of my dog's stool really runny, bordering on diarrhea. It may work for some, but I could not get passed the side effects. When I first started using this glucosamine supplement with my two older dogs, I had really high hopes that it would help maintain healthier hips and joints, especially since the breed is prone to hip dysplasia. I used this product for about 45 days total, and I have to say that it did help with my female dog's arthritis, so much so that I was able to get her off Tramadol or pain for a while. On the other hand, my male dog experienced a noticeable change in his stool and had runny stool the entire time I kept him on GLC 1000. After 45 days, I stopped giving it to him, and within days, his stool was back to normal. This supplement is great if you dog does not have a sensitive digestive system and will make a difference, but it can have nasty side effects on the digestive system for some. I have since stopped using it and switched to another, digestion-friendly, product. I also did not care for the powder form, which you are supposed to sprinkle over the food, but if you don't wet your dog's food (which mine don't care for), the powder ends up on the bottom of the bowl, and become a big sticky mess if you don't wash out the bowl every time. A treat would have been much better suited for this sort of supplement. Quality of Ingredients GL1000 has a formula that contains all 4 forms of Bioavilable Glucosamines & Chondroitin, which make this product a better quality product than most other glucosamine supplements you can find over the counter, and I could tell that it made a difference in my dogs' mobility, but the side effects were not worth it and I had to switch to something else (Phycox, a glucosamine treat, which I highly recommend). Side Effects I had two dogs when I started using this product, both were considered older (9), and my female dog did fine with product as far as side effects, but my male had terribly soft and yellow looking stool every single day he was on this supplement. I had to stop using it as it was becoming unmanageable and my dog was miserable having to use the bathroom more often than normal. This product is definitely something I would recommend for a dog who may have a sensitive digestive system.




Joint Care Dog Supplement

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