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Joico clini cure

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Absolutely amazing product, the only one that worked for me!!


I absolutely love this shampoo. I use it in conjunction with the conditioner and the scalp treatment. I was originally given this by a friend as I was starting to thin due to stress and worry. I was told it worked wonders for her when she started to lose her hair as well. Of course I was skeptical at first but once I had tried it for about a week I started to notice my hair getting just a bit thicker. It was amazing, of course it is a process of time but it did work very well for me and I am living proof that this is a great product for anyone to use. I am very sensitive to any product that I use so to find this and see that it did not burn or irritate my scalp at all was a gift from heaven. It has a great minty smell and leaves your scalp feeling refreshed and tingly. The feeling stays with you for most the day but it is not an uncomfortable one, but a wonderful one to let you know it is working. Of course with the scalp treatment you need to be sure not to get it on your forehead if you are thinning there as it will make you red and irritated. I made that mistake but it was not for very long, only about six or so minutes then the redness went away. All in all it is a fantastic product to use and I recommend it to everyone who is thinning or would just like thicker hair in general.

El Paso, TX


Joico clini cure

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