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Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner

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Great conditioner for dry hair


I use this conditioner quite often but especially in the summer or if I'm in the pool a lot. I have found that if I'm swimming often or in the sun, this conditioner helps keep my hair soft and moisturized. I have very fine hair but it helps with tangles, especially from chlorine. I really love the way this conditioner smells too. Effectiveness I really think this conditioner is what saves my hair from getting dried out from chlorine. I swim pretty frequently and even if I wear a swim cap, the ends of my hair get dried out and tangle really easily. I use this conditioner after I swim and my hair always is back to normal. I also used this conditioner on a week long beach vacation - I was outside all day and in the ocean. By the end of the day, my hair felt like straw! This conditioner got my hair back to normal. I always have this stuff in the shower. Scent This conditioner (and shampoo) smell really good! I use it even when I don't feel like I need to just because I love the way it makes my hair smell.



great for course/curly hair


My hairdresser friend introduced me to the Joico line and it's fantastic. This conditioner is great for dry, course hair and treats my curls nicely. I have a hard time finding hair conditioner that doesn't weigh my hair down or make my curls frizz. This conditioner is great for curlies. Smell is pleasant, don't need a lot, a little goes a long way.



Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner

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