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Johnsonville Stadium Brats

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New Smaller Size Stadium Brats with an increased price


johnsonville has come out with new packaging and product to replace the old stadium brat that I've enjoyed for many years. It is over 10% smaller by weight and it is the thickness of the things that is the worst part. The old thickness ensured a juicy good tasting product. The new ones are a lot thinner. I can't recommend this anymore.

Heber City, UT


very authentic


I like to fix Johnsonville Stadium Brats for a quick and healthy meal.  I serve the Brats on a whole wheat bun with deli style mustard, German style Sauerkraut and homemade baked beans.  I have relish and ketchup for those who like the Brats hot dog style.  This is a great German lunch and/or dinner

Parrish, FL


As close to Pennsylvania as I have tasted


My Husband and I love the Johnsonville Stadium Brats.  They have plenty of flavor and are great on the grill.  Just add Spicey Brown Mustard and Sauerkrout and they are good to go.  Not as good as getting fresh from the butcher but a good choice.  Very inexpensive meal and takes only minutes to grill.

La Plata, MD


Johnsonville Stadium Brats

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