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Johnsonville Beer Brats

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Best Brats Ever


I have always loved Johnsonville beer brats, they have such an intense flavor and unique texture and because the beer is already in the brats you can take them straight from the bag and grill them. With other brands of brats I had to soak them about an hour in a beer and spice mixture to get the same taste. Which is kind of inconvenient when your on a tight schedule, so grab you a pack of Johnsonville beer brats and let the party begin.






We love these brats and we tried many.  Johnsonville brats are the best  cooked on a grill, if you have to cook them inside fry them, please don't boil!  They are the best tasting and are the juiciest. These and Hillshire Farms are the only brats we will eat.  They are worth the price.  If you are budget conscious watch for sale or look for coupons.  I find the cheaper ones are more fatty and have less taste. Served with your favorite condiments and an ice cold brew you have the perfect weekend meal.


Gillett, WI


Put these on your grill and people will come from all over


 I love Johnsonville Beer Brats.  They are great.  I buy them to put on the grill.  For some reason, they just seem to be the perfect grilling sausage.  I'm not sure if it's the unique blend of meats and spices or just the way they plump up on the grill.  Maybe it's because they deliver all that flavorful juiciness into your mouth from the first bite to the last.  Whatever the reason, no barbecue, cook-out or grill fest is complete without Johnsonville Brats ( regular, beer, Cajun or cheddar).  I buy all of the favors of Johnsonville Brats.  The Cajun flavor is not available in my area but my mom buys them for me and sends them.  I like the Beer Brats best.  They don't taste anything like beer, but there is a slight hint of another flavor that isn't in the regular brats.  The Cheddar Brats are good, too, but the cheese is a little salty.  I make sure I always keep the regular flavor on hand.  They are good for breakfast with eggs and sliced tomatoes.  When I have alot of people over in the summer, I break out the Brats.  They are fairly inexpensive, perfectly portioned and easy to prepare and eat.  All you need is a bun and WOW, you've got yourself something wonderful.  I usually make a large salad and put out chips and dip and my friends and I have a ball.    Be careful, though, because once you put Johnsonville Brats on the grill, people will come from all over.  Make sure you have plenty to go around. 


Vineland, NJ


Johnsonville Beer Brats are a summer staple for me


I don't cook much at all, but come summertime I do like to try my hand at grilling.  Being a Midwesterner I love a good brat and my go to is the Johnsonville Beer Brat.  This brat has a mildly spicy flavor with a hint of beer and cooks up deliciously soft with a slightly tough skin.  You should be able to find these brats in your local grocer's frozen meats section.Since they come frozen, I like to simmer the brats in a good strong pilsner or IPA to impart even more beer flavor before grilling them.  You also don't want to throw a frozen brat on the grill!  BTW, "beer boiled brats" is a misnomer, you don't want to actually boil them, as you run the risk of exploding the skins.  Also you don't need to grill brats on the hottest settings for the same reason...you don't want to pop the skins...wait for your coals to ash over and turn often for a consistent brown on all sides of the sausage.I serve my brats butterflied on a thick rye bread topped with sauerkraut (unsweetened, of course!) and some spicy dark mustard.  Wash down with a cold beer and you have the perfect summertime meal.


Chicago, IL


Johnsonville Beer Brats

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