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Johnson's Soothing Naturals Soothe & Protect Balm

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Love Love Love this product!


My husband and I live in the midwest where it's incredibly windy and very cold.  When our daughter was born, her poor little face would get so chapped because of the weather, even when we covered her up!  I felt so bad for her, and our regular baby lotion didn't really seem to help her much.  I had tried several products before a friend suggested that I try Johnson's Soothing Naturals Soothe and Protect Balm.  It was a little hard to find, but after some serious searching I did find it.  We started applying it right away.  It didn't take more than a day for me to see the results on her face.  It moisturized her little cheeks much better than lotions or creams.  It had more of a vaseline consistancy so it didn't just rub in and disappear.  It smelled really nice too.  I expected it to either have no smell or a medicine type smell, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.  It was the best product for moisturizing and helping heal my baby's dry skin. 


Bellevue, NE


Use it just for the smell, but it really saves baby cheeks!


Have 2 babies with Eczema, this Johnson's Soothing Naturals Soothe & Natural Balm was a lifesaver!  The smell is clean and fresh, not baby powder-ish.  The whole school of thinking that babies need to smell like powder is not for me.  It instantly cools and soothes chapped, dry cheeks, chins, foreheads, lips, hands, feet, ears or anything else you may need it for.  Not only does it help soothe and fix any skin mishaps, it can help prevent also.  Ever sat forever at a Christmas parade?  This can be murder on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.  I smear this on my whole family when we are outside for a prolonged about of time.  I no longer have babies, a 5 year old and a 2 year old, but I still carry this stick in my purse.  It's also great to use as a lotion or a lip balm.  It's in a little plastic roll up dispenser, like an anti-perspirant.  I had a hard time finding some to give to my sister, but with a little dectective work, I found some.  I def love this stuff and use it quite often.


Hampton, GA


This stuff was heaven sent


Johnson & Johnson Soothing Naturals Soothe and Protect Balm is a great product! We live in Colorado and endure the cold dry winters that are rough on babies skin.  The balm is the only product I have used that gets results quickly.  Very easy to apply, pleasant scent and does not sting extremely dry cheeks, chapped chins from drooling or chapped hands from sucking.  I've used it on my own dry cuticles, lips and knuckles.  We call it, "The Face Stick" in our house.   It is difficult to find in stores so if you find it buy two at once even though it goes a long way, I've misplaced one and I always worry that J&J will discontinue since I have not been able to find it in the stores anymore (I have found online however).  


Parker, CO




I love JOHNSON"S SOOTHING NATURALS, it has a light smell. It is not over powering at all. JOHNSON"S SOOTHING NATURALS is amazing, I use it all the time,during the day as well as when i get out out the shower. SOOTHING NATURALS is in the baby section, I may not be a baby but I sure do want skin like them. SOOTHING NATURALS helps relieve extra dry skin, all the while maintaining the moisture in your skin to prevent it from becoming dry. I have been using SOOTING NATURALS for about 2 years now. I have not had dry skin since, especially during the winter times is when I tend to stock up on this product. SOOTHING NATURALS is very inexpensive and easy to find, in the baby isle. It is safe to use on all ages, and has the most natural ingriedent's in the product. JOHNSON"S also has many other creams I use as well. SOOTHING NATURALS has an easy to flip top so even the eldery who have trouble will be able to use it as well.They have travel size as well as the ecomnomy size which I prefer to gte especially suring the winter as i said before, it prevents me form getting wind burn on my hand, and keeps them from cracking,as well as my feet in the summer. They don't crack at all and are always smooth.


Lowell, MA


Johnson's Soothing Naturals Soothe & Protect Balm

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