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Johnson's No More Rash Diaper Rash Cream

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Works great on the toughest rash


Johnson & Johnson rash cream works great on the toughest rash. I only had to use a little bit on my baby's bottom and the rash was clear the next day. The smell is not very favorable but the product works great. I would recommend this for sensitive skin and newborns.



The only Diaper Rach cream that worked well.


I got the Johnson's no more rash cream at my baby shower. I had already bought some diaper desitin because I thought that desitin was the best rash cream.  I was way wrong!  When my daughter first got a rash I used desitin first and it worked okay, but not like the Johnson's cream.  My husband used the Johnson's cream when he noticed a rash and it went away by the next time we changed her diaper.  She doesn't get a rash often, but when she even gets a little red we use the Johnson' cream and the red always goes away before the next changing.  I have noticed it is also cheaper than desitin and if you get a coupon you can get a wonderful deal on the Johnson's no more rash cream.  One tube does last quit a long time unless your baby had a real problem with rashes.  My daughter only had a couple rashes, but like I said I used the cream when she would get red and then she wouldn't even get the rash.  I loved this stuff.

Bremen, IN


Average, very average


J&J No More Rash diaper cream was just a very average product for me.  First thing to notice is the size of the tube, it is smaller than the others.  Now it is slightly cheaper than the other name brand diaper rash creams but what it lacks in price it also lacks in effectiveness.  I used this with baby #1 and it did not help to pull the red out of her diaper rash like some of the other name brand creams would have.  The diaper rash she had was not severe but it seemed like all the J&J No More Rash cream did was sit on the skin's surface.  There are coupons out there for this product so that is definitely enticing from a budget standpoint.  And coupled with a sale I would probably give this product a try again.  This product is available in virtually every market so in a jam it would be a go to product.  There was not a strong clinical smell, which is nice because some of the other brands tend to smell very hospital like.  Given the choice not my first pick but in a jam or for a good price I would be swayed to use it again.    

Meridian, MS


Johnson's No More Rash


Johnson's No More Rash Cream is a 3-in-1 Fomula. it contains 13% Zinc Oxide which protect the babies soft skin. it helps heal diaper rash. Forms a Protective barrier. Soothes red, irritated skin. I used this product for my Twins Boy and Girl. They had this serious diaper rash that i was so worried i tried some other products but it didnt work. I decided to go to Walmart and i got Johnson product I tried it just for 2days and th diaper rash healed. I love thisproduct and will recommened people to use it. thnx Johson. I love your product.

Oaklyn, NJ


Johnson's No More Rash Diaper Rash Cream

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