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Johnson's Honey Apple Baby Lotion

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Love the Smell


Johnson and Johnson makes such quality baby products. I feel like they are such an icon in baby care. Seriously, that sweet baby smell? It totally comes from using Johnson and Johnson products. They just smell so great! This was another great product of theirs that smells just wonderful. I still prefer the original scent the very best because that to me is just what a baby ought to smell like. But this was another nice lotion with a really fresh and crisp scent. This to me seems better for babies who are a little bigger, who you don't mind so much if they don't smell like that precious sweet little baby smell. I just love that smell too much to give it up. This is a nice alternative for a really reasonable price, though.

Raleigh, NC


Great great great~


I started using this new product on my baby when he was born in September 2010. I LOVE it. I am not a big fan of baby powder scented products and was absolutley thrilled when I found this line. They have ababy wash that has the same scent too, and I am in love. It smells awesome! I love that it is by a respected tried and true baby product brand, also. We put it on our son every night after his bath and he wakes up in the morning smelling so sweet and baby fresh. It also keeps his skin super soft, which is hard to do in the desert that we live in! Nevada is so dry and a lot of the kids here have a lot of issues with eczema and dry skin. Not our kiddos! We also put this lotion on our 4 year old during the winter. He doesn't mind it and actually thinks it smells good too. I'll catch myself putting it on my own hands and arms after putting it on my baby too. The smell is just addicting and I don't think I will ever use another product or scent on my little ones!

Henderson, NV


Johnson's Honey Apple Baby Lotion

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