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Johnson's Buddies Easy-Comb Conditioner

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This Johnson's Buddies Easy-Comb Condition works great!


I use this Johnson's condition when I am babysitting my god-daughter.  She HATES to have her hair combed.  So I always use this when I wash her hair.  It always makes brushing out her hair after a shampoo much easier AND she thinks it is really neat that she gets to use conditioner like her aunt does.  Plus, she doesn't mind letting me brush out the "snarls" afterwards.  I am trying to talk her mother into buying some so that there are no problems at home!  It makes bath time much easier on the little ones!

Merrimack, NH


Johnson's Buddies, my doughters buddy


My daughter angles hate to brush her hair,  her hair is very thick and gets tangles very easy. I bought her this shampoo it helps keep her hair soft and tangle free! Problem solved, now Johnson's buddies just made something to keep her room clean i would be in Heaven!! 

Tampa, FL


Buddies Easy-Comb is not for the curly or thick haired!


The Johnson and Johnson Buddies Easy-Comb Conditioner is not a product one would want to use for a child with thick or curly hair. My daughter has both and I was dissappointed with the outcome when it came time to brush her hair after bath time! Which was a dissappointment because we usually LOVE Johnson and Johnson products! I imagine this product would be great for a parent that has a child with straight and average hair though - so I do not want to include many negatives here. It is just not a product that worked for us. What I did like is that my daughter's hair was soft after using the conditioner. My husband and I also enjoyed the smell of the conditioner. Very light scent, it was. Another aspect I enjoyed was how soft it made my daughter's skin after her bath. It seemed to condition her skin better than her hair! We didn't need to use lotion any of the times we just the conditioner. I would have no problems reccommending this for a shower gift~

Summerville, SC


Johnson's Buddies Easy-Comb Conditioner

4.3 3