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Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, Original

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Not the Biggest Fan.


This is a product you could definitely do without. Unless you have have extremely dry cracked skin, you shouldn't ever have to use this product. It is EXTREMELY greasy and hard to work into the skin. I wouldn't recommend using this on a baby at all. On the bright side, like all Johnson's products it does smell Great!




The best staple for moist skin


I have been using this product since it has come on the market, and from the first time I used Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, it is worth its time, you can use it alone or with another lotion and that baby will keep your skin moist for the **WHOLE DAY!**! no lie. It got so that I have to hide it from my eldest daughter because she likes it too. Although she tells me I put enough on to fry chicken with. Whatever. This thing is one of the few things you should have to combat dry skin; It will keep your skin moist and supple all the day long. If you use it just by itself, that is fine too. I HIGHLY suggest the new Shea Butter/Cocoa Butter one for those who have eczema, dry skin problems. Shea butter has healing properties for that, and your skin will love and thank you for it in the end. These are one of the few things a person should have on hand when you are stuck somewhere and can't get home. Very good for the skin.


Mobile, AL


Johnson's Baby oil gel is my favorite beauty product!


Baby Oil Gel is the best eye makeup remover out there! I know it sounds a little weird, but a small amount on a cotton ball and you're all set. No pricey product, plus it leaves a thin layer of the oil which moisturizes the skin around the eyes overnight. I suppose that if you have oily skin, it wouldn't be great, but you can always wash it off with soap and water.   I also use a few drops at the end of my shower as an all over moisturizer. Leaves skin smooth and silky and no need to take another few minutes to apply lotion. You know that scaly dry leg problem? Haven't had it in years - ever since I started this little trick!   This cheap bottle of magic lasts me months, plus it's one less bottle I have to keep around since it's dual purpose. I can't recommend it enough! (The regular baby oil works just as well but I find I go through it much quicker than the gel stuff.) Try it - you'll be converted too!


Los Angeles, CA


a must have for sensitive skin


I LOVE THIS STUFF!  I have always been a huge fan of baby oil but hated the fact that it always drips everywhere and gets on everything.  Sometimes the mess was just not worth it.  BUT this stuff doesn't drip everywhere like the regular oil does.  My son has very very sensitive skin and had to be lotioned and oiled up several times a day.  I use this at bath time and bedtime everyday and man does it make a huge difference.  His skin always feels so soft and smells so good.  No more dry flaky skin and rashes, just super smooth skin the way a babies should be.  And no more worrying about the mess it will make because there is none!  I think this will be a staple in our house from now till forever.  I have even used it on myself in the winter months to treat my dry skin and even my husband loves it.  We will never go back to the regular oil again!  This stuff is a must have for any new moms!


Brush Creek, TN


Johnson's Baby Oil Gel is not just for babies!


I had been searching for a product to use on my legs and arms for the upcoming summer months.  In the summer, as you know, you wear less clothing, thus exposing more "skin".  A co-worker recommended that I try Johnson's Baby Oil Gel.  Well, I tried it and I love it!  It's a Johnson product, so you know it good quality.  But, best of all, it's exactly what I was looking for.  As the description says, it is a gel with a Johnson's baby oil base.  It smells absolutely fabulous and it goes on really smooth.  A little goes a long way, and it's not greasy or sticky like I thought it might be.  It's also long lasting and gives your skin a soft, supple feel.  I have several younger friends who wouldn't be caught dead without it.  They keep supplies of it in their purses and at work for "touch-ups" and at home.  And, since it is a baby oil product, it's good for children as well.  I highly recommend Johnson Baby Oil Gel for anyone looking for a summer product that let's you show your "skin".


Americus, GA


You'll love your skin again


I was very skeptical when trying a oil  on my skin that it would feel greasy, and come off onto my clothes. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this.  Because it is a gel, it cuts down on the greasy feeling, and my skin seemed to absorb it better that if I was using just regular baby oil.  My skin is extremely dry, especially in the winter time, so it was nice to try something that actually worked.   It also has a better scent than regular baby oil, it makes you actually feel like an adult rather than smelling like a baby. The price was decent, not too expensive.  You don't use a whole lot when you put it on, so it seems to last longer than other regular boy creams or oils.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from extremely dry skin


Calais, ME


Johnson baby oil gel with aloe is soothing


   I have really dry skin and have to use lotions and moisterizers after every bath. I use Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel with Aloe every night. I've used it for years. It makes my skin softer and less itchy. It has a wonderful frageriance that my husband loves. It's a gel and not a liquid so it is thick and does not run out of you hand when you are appling it. I did use baby oil (liquid) until I found the gel. Johnson & Johnson is a great company. It's trust worthy and reliable. It's also been around for a very long time. Johnson & Johnson makes great products other then baby oil gel. They have different types of baby oil gels, but I prefer the one with aloe. Aloe is great for scars, when my skin breaks out sometimes it leaves scars; the aloe helps make the scars go away sooner. I don't know what my skin would be like without it. So if you have dry skin, get Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel!


Mc Intosh, AL


Complete moisture like no other.


My skin feels great with the baby oil after the shower.  No lotion has ever given me this kind of moisture before.  The baby oil gel is a lot easier to use than the regular oil; it isn't slippery, and you can't really get too much or too little either.  Plus, the lavender scent is nice.  Most of my friends think that baby oil feels greasy, but it doesn't.  Use it right as you get out of the shower (skin shouldn't be dried yet) and it feels just like lotion.  :P Maybe they were just using it weird.


Westminster, CA


hydrates skin, stays on better than regular baby oil


The Johnson's Baby oil gel works great after a bath or shower.  States on the skin longer and feels silker.  Does not drip onto the shower floor making it slippery as oil does.  Comes in two or three different fragrances.   The price is not too bad, and there is a generic that is available and works as well.


Champion, MI


Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, Original

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