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Johnson's Baby Cucumber Melon Baby Lotion

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Refreshing, moisturizing lotion for baby!


      is my favorite baby lotion on the market.  I decided to try it because I ended up getting a really good deal on it, and I'm so glad I did because I just love it!  You know when you buy the johnson's brand that it's going to be good, but it seems this lotion is extra good!  I have used Johnson's standard lotion (the one in the pink bottle), and although it works really well and is very moisturizing, I am not a huge fan of its scent.  This Cucumber Melon scent, however, is refreshing, clean and sweet!  Here are a couple other things of note: --  Moisturizing:  Johnson's baby lotion does what any lotion should (but sometimes don't)--moisturize!  It leaves my son's skin feeling so soft and smooth. --  Different container:  The only thing I would change about this lotion is to make it a pump-like container so I would only have to use one hand.  I'll still use it as is, but a girl can dream, right? ;) Overall, I highly recommend this product!


Rexburg, ID


Johnson Baby Cucumber Melon Baby Lotion is The greatest.


I have always loved Johnson & Johnson Baby products even as I was a kid myself. I have become especially fond of them over the last five years when I became a mother to three amazing little ones. I love all of the different scents for different reasons but I especially love the Johnsons Cucumber Melon Baby lotion for right after that morning bath. It leaves baby feeling fresh and smelling good all day. I love how it is not super expensive and a little goes a really really long way. One 15 oz bottles can last my three kids atleast 2-3 months if I use it daily. To me that is a good bang for your buck if it can last that much on a five year old, three year old, and two year old. My kids constantly want to put lotion on and when they see the Johnsons Cucumber Melon Baby lotion they get this super excited smile. I really look for a lotion that is not super greasy, or dries out to fast and this lotion is or does neither. It is extremely useful and I would definitely recommend it to anyone I know and even those I don't know.


Reading, PA


best lotion.


This is the only lotion i use i will not use any other scented  lotions because i break out from these kinds of lotions. And this lotion makes your skin very soft and moist your skin so it is not so rough and scaly . so i mean it is a plus if  you have very rough skin i mean it will make your skin much better. I mean it made my skin much better then when it was before i had bought this lotion. Before i used other lotions and i would just break out every other time so i dont not see why you wont get this lotion. I mean this lotion also smells very good and not only smells good but this lotion helps my skin . it makes my skin very moist and i love it i would not pick any other lotion over this one any day it is by far the best i have found so far. You should try it you will like it too and think it is the best also i do not see why you would not i mean it is amazing once you try it that day you will love it.


Largo, FL


Johnson's Cumber Melon Baby Lotion has been our go-to for years.


My husband and I have three children age three years and younger. We've have used Johnson's Cucumber Melon Baby Wash and lotion on all three of our children since they were born. This is still one of the only baby lotions we use. The smell is wonderful. It is a fresh and non-floral clean scent that lasts but is not overpowering or greasy. We love the fresh smell of this lotion. It is such a wonderful clean but soft smell for a baby or toddler. I even like using this lotion on myself. I love how it moisturizes without being greasy or too slippery. The only thing we dislike about the Johnson's Cucumber Melon Baby Lotion is that it is not all natural. Our family has been trying to switch over to all natural bath and beauty products and this product, like most Johnson and Johnson products contains artificial ingredients and additives. However, we are still using this baby lotion since we haven't found a natural product that we like as much so far.


Knoxville, TN


Johnson's Baby Cucumber Melon Baby Lotion

5.0 4