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Johnson's Baby Cologne

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Great not just for babies


As an adult, I find that a lot of perfumes & colognes are too strong in scent, so I use baby cologne instead; my favorite is Denenes, but that is quite hard to find. Johnson's Baby cologne is great for adults and babies/kids alike, since it isn't fruity (like most children's/teen colognes) and the scent is very clean.



Can no longer find it in my area- but its a great product


I have used this on all four of my children- I spray it on their clothes and not their skin though. (just to be safe). I always got so many compliments from people about how wonderful my babies smelled. Johnson should consider putting this back in stores. I still would use this to spray on their clothes after ironing to give it an extra smell good kick.

Westland, MI


Absurd! When did Babies start needing cologne?


I got this because Johnson's Baby Cologne was and is still a confounding concept to me...so needless to say it's going right back to the store it came from. I'm completely at odds with the notion that Babies today need a cologne to smell nice? Really, since when? From popping the top off for a whiff, I could tell Johnson's Baby Cologne scent is mild, not at all over powering which is nice but since the scent doesn't last will that mean constant reapplication? From looking at the bottle's ingredients I see that there are no irritating ingredients (good) and the product is paraben free. Still, everything about Babies needing a scent just rubs me the wrong way! Since when did the clean and happy Baby smell that is soap, baby lotion and powder go out of style and become passe? I do not recommend this product for use on babies. If Moms want to purchase and use this light fragrance on themselves I see no problem but cologne for Babies is just a no no. I think Johnson's time would be better spent better spent reformulating mineral oil or petrolatum based products instead.

Yakima, WA


baby cologne


I have tired other brands of baby cologne before but did not care for them any.  I never tried the johnson's cologne product before until my sister recommend it to me.  I decided to purchase some and try it out.  I did not think I would like it that much, but I did!  I like it some much I had to try all the other scents as well.  The different scents are Bounce, Summer Swing, Spring Bouquet, Heaven, and original.   And I love everyone of them.  They smell so wonderful!  The johnson's baby cologne scents are light but they do last a long time.  You do not have to use much, just a little will do it.  The cologne is made for sensitive babies skin but I have heard some adults who have sensitive skin also uses this.  Some other baby colognes have strong scents and it tends to bother my eyes and gives me headaches.  So I really like that this brand has that soft and light smell.  I would highly recommend these perfumes to anyone. ****

Myrtle Beach, SC


Johnson and Johnson Baby Cologne


I just love this product of Johnson and Johnson. To any new parent or grand parent  out there, This product is for you. I love to make my grand babies smell fresh, baby fresh. I know we use to use all the oils and all the powders.  Now this is a major no no.The pediatricians do not want you to use powders and lotions. This cologne by Johnson and Johnson goes a long way. Let me warn you, It is a little pricey. I just love it. Like any other product ,Keep out of the reach of children.It is a smooth fresh baby soft product. It dries fast and does not dry the skin. It's just like applying cologne or perfume to yourself. I love the scent so much sometime's I put it on my self. It is very mild and is clinically proven safe.When you dress your baby up to go out ,finish the process by making them smell like a baby. They smell so sweet and innocent Everyone will want to hold  and nurture them. This product you will have to do some shopping for it maybe hard to find. I found mine at The Big K-Mart..

Altoona, PA


Johnsons baby cologne smells wonderful, just the right touch!


I was given this johnson & johnson baby colgne by my boss. To tell you the truth I haven't even heard of it before.  I never saw it at stores.  I am very glad she gave me this gift because it smells amazing.  I use it a lot with dirty diapers or when they sweat a lot.  It doesn't leave any sticky residue.  The best part is that it doesn't irritate my twins sensitive skin. Its a medium size bottle so you can carry it in your purse or in the diaper bag.  Just put a little dash in your hands and put it on your babies.  It leaves a nice citrus smell. My friends and relatives have always asked me what I use because my babies are always smelling nice.  Now that I know about this product I have been looking for it at stores and asked my boss where she bought it from because I was unable to see it anywhere. I would love to purchase some and give them as gifts.  I'm glad I haven't run out of this colgne.

Edinburg, TX


Smells wonderful!


I love this product! It's unique and hard to find! I use this on my baby girl before we go on an outing and after smelly diaper changes. It's a light fragrance and is non-irritating. It's a great option to go with the great smelling lotions of this company.

Soddy Daisy, TN


Johnson's Baby Cologne

4.7 7