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Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson No Leak Bra

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I couldnt have made without it


If you breast feed you know that you need a good dependable pad to prevent the emberrasing leaks that your body cant control.  I am all for breastfeeding but this is one of those things that was bad.  I hated feeling uncomfortable and uneasy when it was time to feed my son because it seemed like feeding times the on switch will go on for my breast.  Johnson & Johnson is all about quality vs quantity unlike other brands.  This one really held up and didnt leak! It was a life saver and prevented me from getting embarrased because of leaks.  The pads are super light weight and dont make you feel heavy at all they are pretty breathable and hold up great during the first month of the breast feeding which is when the flow is really high and uncontrollable.  I loved that it had a little scent to them to help you feel nice and fresh and that it could easily be put in your purse and not be bulky or take a lot of space.  I would definitely recommend this to any breast feeding mom its a definite MUST HAVE!

San Diego, CA


Johnson & Johnson No Leak Bra

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