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Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Wild Flossers

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Johnson & Johnson Wild Flossers


Johnson & Johnson Wild Flossers are the only way I can get my kids to floss their teeth. They come in all different colors which my kids love. The colors are really bright, and kids love bright colors. They also have different shapes. The ones that I bought are shaped like dinosaurs so my boys like to pretend the dinosaur is attacking their mouth. The floss on the Johnson & Johnson Flosser is connected to the handle, so they kids don't have to pull floss out of a little box. It's just enough floss for them to use too. Some other similar products my kids have used were made really cheap. The floss would break off and get stuck in their teeth. So far, we haven't had that problem with the Johnson & Johnson Wild Flossers. These things are so convenient, and me and my husband sometimes use them too. They are much easier than having to deal with that messy floss, and the floss never gets lost because it stays connected to the handle.




These Are Very Durable Flossers, Especially For Kids!


I am completely satisfied with these flossers. I let my children select which type of floss they wanted in the grocery store just so they would use it, and this was their choice. They were very excited to go home and have dinosaurs flossing their teeth for them! As their parent, I was excited to see them motivated to do something like floss. Thanks to whoever came up with the idea of flossing with dinosaurs! I think the floss itself is connected very strongly to the plastic-shaped dinosaur itself. Other flossers we have tried have either broken or frayed when flossing. I have not run into that problem at all with these flossers. I consider this an excellent attribute because the more fuss I have to spend on something like floss, the less likely my children are to use it. I also feel like the selection and color of dinosaurs was also very good. There were enough varied colors for both boys and girls to be content with the selection.




Great way to encourage little ones to floss!


I absolutely LOVE the Johnson & Johnson Wild Flossers for my toddler! I am very lucky to have a kid that actually thinks flossing is fun and likes to brush his teeth. However, any product that makes kids pick up good dental hygiene habits is a MUST HAVE in my book! My 4 yr old started flossing on his own as soon as he could brush his own teeth around age 2 and he really likes using these cute and colorful flossing picks for kids. I like how they are designed for small hands to grip and the floss part itself is perfectly coated not too much so it fits in between little teeth without too much difficulty. I still use the Water pix to floss his teeth once a week and floss the back of his teeth with regular floss so I would say that these are a good supplement to have on hand to encourage independent flossing for little ones. They come in a nice resealable bag with lots of cute animals and colors.


Guilford, CT


Wild Flossers are good for kids, not great for environment


Working with young children I know just how important it is to instill good oral hygiene habits in kids from the beginning. We try to make sure they brush regularly as well as visit the dentist even at an early age. In the kids' goodie bag, our dentist always gives the kids a variety of items to help encourage healthy teeth. One of those items is always a small sample of Wild Flossers. The kids enjoy them, while I'm not so sure I'm sold yet. Wild flossers are meant to encourage children to floss more often by having the floss already pre-strung on holder. What makes them wild is the plastic handle is shaped like dinosaurs. The handles are large enough for little hands to hold and maneuver with minimal difficulty. My oldest, now 6, is the only one who has really used the flossers as he's the one with the most teeth. So instead of mom or dad having to dig their fingers in a little mouth to floss, he's able to do it all by himself. My son really likes to use these after we've had corn and gets the kernels stuck. I have also used the flossers to see how they worked and it was much easier than using regular floss. When you're using floss, it's easy to justify throwing away a length of thread. These flossers are meant to be disposable, however which isn't as easy to justify. Essentially you have a 3 inch piece of plastic that is getting thrown away after every use. Though I've never purchased the flossers (always used the samples from the dentist) I would bet this would get expensive to purchase on a regular basis, especially with three kids in the house. I have allowed my son to rinse off the flossers and re-use once - not as sanitary I'm sure but it does save on plastic in the trash. Will I actually purchase the Wild Flossers? Probably not as we are pretty frugal with our money. But the children love being able to floss their own teeth like the dentist asks them to do. I love letting them do it as well.


Lansing, MI


Can't fit em in my big mouth.


Two weeks ago I went for my twice yearly dental cleaning, or rather it should be called my twice yearly lecture about not flossing. I know I'm supposed to do it but I just don't think about it until I get the lecture. So on my way out of the exam room I noticed that there was a box of individually wrapped flossers called **Johnson & Johnson Wild Flossers**.  Me being an overgrown kid who still loves little toys and trinkets asked if I could have a few to which my hygienist replied "you can take the whole damn box if you'll actually use them".  So I grabbed a handful of the colorful plastic dinosaur floss picks and brought them home. **Wild Flossers** are really cute.  They're basically the same as the pointy-ended floss picks for adults only they're flat dinosaur shaped tools without pointy ends or sharp edges.  The idea is that the colorful characters entice little kids to want to floss their teeth. Well the idea worked on me and I couldn't resist them. I literally could not wait to try these cute little dinosaurs so I took one out and actually flossed in the parking lot of my dentist's office. The floss is strong and resists shredding and it never broke free from the dinosaur which is a good thing.  The problem I have which makes me rate this product as only average is that they are way too big to fit in my mouth. I've got a pretty big, adult mouth but could not get the flossers back far enough to floss my molars without pinching my lips with the plastic. Now I'm not a mom so I don't know anything about kids' teeth.  Do they not have as many teeth?  Do they not go back as far as adult teeth so my molar issue wouldn't be an issue on childrens' mouths?  I have no idea.  I just know that they worked great on my front teeth and on the first few molars but I could not get to the back molars at all which is why I rated them **average**.  


Annapolis, MD


nice colors and fun shapes


I really like the Johnson & Johnson Wild Flossers for my kids.  They love the shapes and the colors and it is very easy for them to floss their own teeth by themselves.  There are cute characters which akes it even more fun for the kids and makes them want to floss even more.  The floss is very strong and never beaks.  And it's made in the USA, to boot!?  Woohoo...  The price could be a little less, but it's definately worth it if helps with getting my kids to floss more.  I can't use them, but it's great for the kids.  I really recommend this product for everyone that has kids.  The best part is that they dont have those pointy ends for the kids to scratc themselves or hurt themselves on.  You can find this product pretty much everywhere.  I really like this product and recommend that you try it.  There is no smell which would be nice for the kids, but they get the job done, which is the most important part.


Fair Oaks, CA


Johnson & Johnson Wild Flossers

4.3 6