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Color-Enhancing Shampoo
John Frieda
John Frieda shampoo

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Works on my fussy hair.


My hair is a pain in the behind. Almost nobody can cut it right, and it can look horrible -- all flat and boring -- if I use the wrong shampoo, so not many shampoos work for my picky hair. Which is why I love, and have been using for quite awhile, John Frieda Collection Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Shampoo.  Shampoos that claim to have, say, a lot of organic ingredients, do not work on my oily hair. I've got to have something that really scrubs it clean, and this product does just that. But that's not to say it's harsh. It definitely leaves my hair soft, shiny and manageable. I may be weird in that -- whatever shampoo I use -- I always shampoo three times. If I leave off that third time, I have a bad hair day. John Frieda works just great with my three-times rule. Not only that, I can pick it up at the grocery store, which saves a separate trip to the drugstore, means I can include it in the check I write for groceries, and is easy on the wallet.


Blue Ridge, GA


This is the best Shampoo ever


John Frieda's Shampoo's and Conditioners are awesome and worth every penny. Hair comes out beautiful each and every day. Makes my hair smooth , Shiny and very very managable.  Just love it. One very happy customer.


Washington, PA


makes your hair shiny


It does not take much.  John  Frieda Moisturizing shampoo with light enhancers.  I have not really paid mush attention if has lighted up my color, but it does make your hair feel soft and silky.  I have to use with other products because when I use it with its own brand it leaves a film on my hair.  I wish that was not the case.  Also when I have uses both products together it has made my scalp dry.  I would buy the shampoo again not the matching conditioner.  When used with pantene restoration it works wonders.  My daughter loves it.


Indianapolis, IN


John Frieda shampoo

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