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John Frieda
John Frieda Root Awakening Conditioners

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Clean and soft!


When I first bought this shampoo and conditioner set of Root Awakening by John Frieda, I thought the smell was a little bit weird. But, like their shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair (which I bought a while back when I had dyed my hair red, for a while), the smell really grew on me until I loved it. It smells kind of eucalyptus and clean but mysterious. I also think that this conditioner does the best job with making my hair really soft but not too heavy, greasy or limp. I sometimes have trouble finding a conditioner that really works with my hair type, but this one gets high marks, for me. I think it also complements the Root Awakening shampoo quite nicely for soft, clean hair every day, instead of having to trade back and forth between what I'm using (which I normally have to do, otherwise). It is not too expensive for me to afford, either, although it is a little bit more than some of the less expensive brands, and it is available in a variety of stores, which is a plus.



I love this line


I have now had the time to try, in combination, the entire line of Root Awakening products. The conditioners are just fantastic. My hair was so soft and so healthy after using it just once. It also seemed to do a great job of ridding and not adding any additional build up  to my hair. The scent right out of the bottle as well as the scent it left on my hair was soothing in a way. I love the consistency's of these products. The conditioner was also not too thick and I was able to use a little to go a long way...although I do have fine hair so those with thicker hair may need to use more than I did. I like the bottle as well, the cap is on the bottom of the packaging therefor you can get ALL of the conditioner out of the bottle without any extra efforts to get those last few drops. I also think the packaging is very attractive, I love the greens and the textured leaves add a nice feel. This conditioner is great especailly when combined with the entire Root Awakening Line.

Morristown, TN


Root awakinging by john fredia is awsome.


I received a sample in the mail, and tried  it rght away. Because my hair needs so much work. Not only does it smell very nice, it works. And you can tell instantly. it only takes one use to notice the difference. i would suguest this is for those who can sem to have any manageablity with thier hair. it might not work for evry one. it sure did work for me. the price is right, not to much but not cheap either. I recomened it to the peoplei know. give it a try.

Riverside, CA


John Frieda = great hair care


I just tried the new John Frieda root awakening conditioner for the first time yesterday and I am sold. I have very long hair and lots of it, so a quality conditioner is very important to me. I tend to have a lot of tangles and usually have to use a detangler on top of conditioner, but with this product I found I didnt need both. (which is not only a time saver but a money saver as well). Root awakening conditioner left my hair soft and managable, with out a heavy feeling. The product has a nice light fragrance, nothing overpowering which is also nice. I will definitely buy this product again.

Apache Junction, AZ


I use more than I should


I have been using this for over 6 months now and I do like the fresh scent but I seem to use more than the label calls for so I go through more conditioner than I do the shampoo and my hair isn't even shoulder length. I use it in tandom with the root awakening shampoo which I love but if I don't use more than called for my hair does not feel as soft. I can say in the time I've been using the system my hair has improved and it does seem to make my red last longer, but for every 1 tube of the shampoo I use 2 tubes of conditioner and I do shampoo twice so how can this be?

Concord, NC


John Frieda Root Awakening Conditioners

4.6 5