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John Frieda
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Weather Works Creme

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What humidity?? My hair looks great!


I love this stuff! John Freida's weather-proofing conditioner really does work! I was looking for something to help control my hair against humidity, as I was going to have my engagement photos at the beach and I did NOT want to have frizzy hair. I was put up against so many different products at the drugstore, but this one grabbed my attention because it mentioned weather protection, especially humidity. I was a little nervous but I gave it a try. And... my hair was perfect the whole time! This hair product is amazing!!! My hair is so susceptible to humidity and it totally fought it off! Now, I live in a very dry climate and the weather-proofing is still working at its finest to keep my hair from drying out. It keeps my locks full of life and great style.

Provo, UT


John Frieda haircare is really salon quality at drugstore prices


I tried this for the harsh effects of winter weather drying of my hair and I feel in love with it this made my natural hair look soft and gave it lots of volume when blow drying and protects my hair from heat styling damage as well as weather damage it felt so good on the hair and did not leave a residue or build up which is a plus for thin hair!  I have used john frieda products before but this one is my favorite.  It smells so delicious as well and not overwhelming and I personally feel it protects your hair from harsh elements and i feel it also helps in the stylin of my hair.  You use it on damp hair to get the best results in my opinion, I have been extremely pleased with overall price, smell, quality and quantity of this hair product.  This styling and protective product is great for the person on the go you just need a quarter size amount and it does the trick on your hair to protect it from weather's harsh elements and it really smell great with easy to use pump on the bottle so you have no waste try it you'll love it.

Hot Springs, VA


I really wanted to like it


I bought this product with really high hopes.  I have been a huge John Fried fan and especially partial to the Frizz Ease line for many, many years.  I first learned of this new addition to the line from a magazine praising it and couldn't wait to hit the store and try it for myself.  Shortly after I brought the product home and gave it a try.  It wasn't a bad product but I didn't find it much different from the Styling Cream in the same line.  Did it protect my hair from humidity?  I guess.  But was it better than any of the other products and did it warrant a separate purchase and an addition to my morning beauty routine?  I don't think so.  In the end the bottle hung around my medicine cabinet for months and got used here and there but sat witness to the styling cream coming and going while it didn't budge.  Finally I tossed it out half full and moved on.  I didn't even realize they still made it. 

Lancaster, PA


The Weather Works Weather proofing conditioner is amaing!


This product is amazing! If you want your hair to not frizz up during sweat- or Lord forbid- moisture, this is the product. I bought this at random one day and I've loved it ever since. During the warm summers, it keeps your hair moisturized without frying it. And it's flat iron friendly! When the harsh winters hit and the moisture comes around, it protects your hair from getting really frizzy. I used to live in Canada - and when I straightened/curled my hair during the winter it usually got really frizzy and I didn't feel any better about myself. So I naturally went to my salon stylist and she reccommended this product. Its the best feeling having non-frizzy but still soft and flowy hair. I get compliments on the natural shine now too! I've been using this for about 4 months and results are almost immediate. My hair feels perky and awake, and I don't have to feel weird walking around guys. It adds confidence!

Bakersfield, CA


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Weather Works Creme

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