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John Frieda
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control

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Tamed my frizz


I received this product through BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a "word-of-mouth" advertising initiative that gives individuals free products to sample in exchange for their opinion. I also received several samples to share with friends. My natural hair is wavy, so I often straighten it. I live in the Midwest, and the humidity can be killer during the summer months. Often times, I will straighten my hair and enjoy it for as long as it takes me to walk to my car. Then it turns to frizz. I liked the John Frieda Frizz Ease because it was not too heavy and it tamed my frizz for the whole day. You have to shake up the bottle before each use as the solution separates (think oil and water). I had an instance where I forgot to do this and it made my hair so gross! It also tells you to put so many drops in your palm and work the solution through your hair. Again, follow the directions and use only the amount they suggest or your hair will be greasy. I like this solution and continue to use it long after my "Bzz" is over with.

Du Quoin, IL


This product didn't do anything for me.


I received a full-size bottle of **John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control** from BzzAgent in exchange for sharing my honest opinion of the product. Unfortunately, I don't have good results to report. **John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control** is designed for thin, fine hair; thus a lightweight formula to not weigh your hair down. I was super excited to try this out because I have that exact kind of hair and have been looking for something to help contain the frizz. Looks like I still have to find that perfect product because this isn't it. I've followed the directions and applied 10 drops of this to my palms and spread it out throughout my damp hair. I then blow dried my hair. I didn't see any difference, so on a different day, I split my hair down the middle and only applied this product to one side, that way I could definitively see what, if anything, this product would do. Nothing! After blow drying, I could see no difference between the side that I applied this product and the side that I didn't. I've tried using more and less drops than the directions state, I've used it on wetter hair and drier hair to see if that would affect the results, but nothing. The ONLY thing I noticed from using this product was that my hair was softer after I used it - it did nothing for frizz. However, don't use too much, because like any product, it'll leave your hair looking and feeling oily.

Camp Lejeune, NC


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control

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