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John Frieda
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Rehydrate Intensive Deep Conditioner

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My Holy Grail Curly Hair Product


I basically use it after I wash my hair with shampoo and its effect stays on all week turning shiny all day everyday. Even though, I don't use any other product and sleep on a cotton pillow.

Marrakech, Morocco


nourished my dry hair


My hair is normally dry and I have a lot of split ends. I use a lot of heat on my hair so I need a lot of moisture on my hair. This John Frieda frizz ease rehydrate intensive deep conditioner works amazing. It smells good and it was very light to my hair. My hair instantly started to feel silky and smoother. It detangles and controls the frizz in my hair. I like how it provides moisture and strengthens my hair. It protects my hair from further damage and is makes my hair feel a lot softer. My hair didn't feel so dull anymore or dry. I like how my hair is healthier and shinier. My hairs a lot more manageable to style and work with. I would definitely buy this deep conditioner again because of how rich and moisturizing it is to my hair without weighing it down. My hair feels bouncy and lightweight in texture. I would strongly recommend this to anybody with damaged or brittle hair, its a bit pricey but its well worth every penny.



Jump for John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Conditiooner!


First off, a little about me: I'm Asian, am of the curly-not-straight hair type, and live in Hawaii. So---Asian=coarse and thick; curly=unmanageable; Hawaii=frizzy.Yeah, life can really suck sometimes. And then you find out that you are not alone as a GREAT product comes along and whips your hair into shape. My lifesaver is entitled John Frieda Frizz-Ease Rehydrate Intensive Deep Conditioner. I had tried other Frizz-Ease products before, and liked them well enough, but not lots enough to follow faithfully and jump when a new product came out. Then I needed to find another product to add to my cart to entitle me to "free standard shipping" {bet you know what site I'm talking about!} and came across this. The price was right, for both free shipping and its size, so into my cart it went. NICE! I absolutely scored with this one as it does make my hair smoother, softer, and much more manageable. It is not a miracle product as I still need to add products for my daytime foray into the world, but it absolutely WORKS and since my hair is definitely of the "special needs" category, I would whole-heartedly recommend this for any one else, especially if you do not live in a high humidity environment. Try it, and talk about it.

Honolulu, HI


John Frieda will leave your hair smooth, sleek, and clean!


I have used John Frieda products for several years now and have always been pleased. This John Frieds Frizz-Ease Rehydrate Intensive Deep Conditioner is no different. I have a very thick, dry, frizzy hair, and living in a high humidity climate does not help. However, this deep conditioning treatment from John Frieda really does help my hair. As you can imaging I have tried countless hair serums and frizz products throughout the years, but I can honestly say that using this deep conditioning treatment does help to tame my hair. It thick and creamy, and smells so pleasant. I use this about once a week in place of my normal conditioner, and it always leaves my hair feeling and looking smooth and sleek. It also has a long wonderful smelling long lasting fragrance. It is quick and easy to use, and I am easily able to incorporate it into my hair maintenance routine with fabulous results. As I said earlier, my hair is thick and difficult to tame, and this product really does help and does the job it says it will.   Scent I love the smell this leaves on my hair and it lasts for a couple of days after I wash it.

Palm Bay, FL


Friss-Ease Rehydrate Conditioner is a decent product.


John Frieda's "Frizz-Ease Rehydrate Intensive Deep Conditioner" claims to restore moisture, fortify and silken dry, damaged hair. I call this a huge claim, and since using it I am not impressed with the results vs the claims. This is a good product, but it doesn't match up to the expectations I had when reading the description or relying on the brand's reputation. After using it for a week, I saw and felt no difference in the texture, feel or "moisture content" of my hair. It doesn't "defy" frizz at all, in fact I have noticed more frizzies since I started using it! I had high hopes for this product, and I relied on my past experiences with the brand name/line of products to make a confident purchase. I feel that I paid too much for this product because it is not delivering the results it said it would. When I use it (according to the directions) it feels like any other deep conditioner, even a little watery compared to others. My hair is not any more easily managed after it's been conditioned. It smells amazing, like many of the "John Frieda" products but that is about the only perk. The directions are simple and easy to follow, you squeeze out all the excess moisture from your clean hair and then massage a generous amount of conditioner throughout your hair, concentrating on ends. Leave it on for one minute and rinse. I have even left the product on longer (about 3-5 minutes) to see if it improved the results and I could tell no difference. When I get out of the shower, my hair is easy to untangle after using the deep conditioner, which is good and as I said before it smells amazing!

Idaho Falls, ID


Fantastically Hydrating, Keeps Hair Light


I have been a loyal fan of the John Frieda brand for years - I used Brilliant Brunette shampoos and conditioners for 8 years, and when the line starting expanding recently I decided to test out more of the products. My dry winter hair needed a boost, andthis conditioner did an amazing job! I have to say I think that this conditioner is better than the moisturizing brilliant brunette option, as it seems to keep the hair lighter. Sometimes, the brilliant brunette equivalent feels like it's weighing my hair down. I never get that feeling with this conditioner! My hair feels so silky and smooth after I use this, it's pretty amazing! Try it, you will notice an immediate difference. I have also found that this product works especially well in combination with the shampoo of the line - I have written a separate review praising that product as well. Overall, for the price this conditioner can't be beat - I have used much more expensive products that have been much less effective.

Portland, OR


A big disappointment!


I tried this product in hopes that it would help to tame my thick, curly hair, which often gets frizzy. I was very surprised that it didn't work. My hair seemed pretty much the same and was definitely still frozzy. I'm very disappointed in this product  

Milwaukee, WI


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Rehydrate Intensive Deep Conditioner

3.9 7