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John Frieda
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine Release Volumizing Shampoo

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good shampoo but


I got a free sample of this shampoo and conditioner and while the shampoo and conditioner was great, the volume didn't last very long in my hair,

Minneola, FL


lovely scent and lovely hair results!


I love this shampoo! I also use it's conditioner too. I find the retail price a bit much for a drugstore product so I try to buy it when it's on sale (they have coupons in newspaper inserts and frequently drugstores will have promotions like buy one and get one half off) so don't pay retail at the drugstore!I like the light fruity/cherry scent. I like how my hair is so soft afterwards that my boyfriend can't stop touching it. And I like how my brush can comb right through it without any tangles ( have long straight thin hair-but a lot of it and it can be a nest!) I think this shampoo/conditioner combo gives a nice lift, adds nice shine and softness to my natural black hair. I know this is used for color processed hair, but I like the scent so much that I use it for my natural hair. Nothing bad has happened yet!Since I first used this, I have since branched out and tried John Frieda's other hair lines but I still think this is my favorite. 

Los Angeles, CA


John Frieda Brilliant Brunnette makes my hair look + feel great!


John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - Shine Release Volumizing Shampoo with Light Enhancers - Chestnut to Espresso is one of my favorites to get. For a non-high end brand I think it performs very well and is spectacular for dark colored hair. It adds shine and volume, making my dark hair look great and healthy. I appreciate that it never leaves a build up feeling on my scalp but I still feel like it gives the color a boost. Other shampoos I have used have left a film on my hair when bumping up the color but this does not. The smell is also wonderful, nothing fake or perfuming about it, just fresh and light. It leaves me hair feeling healthy (I know I already said that) but I am from Michigan and any non-mosturizing shampoo that also works well in the winter months is good in my book. I hate the mosturizing shampoos that weigh down hair. I would highly recommend this shampoo to any of my dark-haired friends!

Grand Rapids, MI


A beautiful product for a beautiful you!


John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Shine Release Voumizing Shampoo with Ligh Enahncers is a product I do not think I could live without! When you use this shampoo, you feel elegant, extravagent and beautiful. It leaves your hair feeling soft, and looking healthy and shiny. People really notice the difference in your hair. And the smell!! Wow! The smell of the shampoo if delacate yet noticeable. It's a smell I cannot even describe - it's specific to Brilliant Brunette products. I have ahd complete stranger come up to me and tell me that I smell wonderful!! And it's the shampoo they smell. THe only down side to John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette Shine Release Volumizing Shampoo With Light Enhancers is that it is a tad mnore expensive than your every day brand, but it is totally worth it for what it does for your hair! The other slight downside is that the product tends to build up after so long, So i would recommend to anyone who uses Brilliant Brunette on a regular basis to wash with another type of shampoo at least once a week to cancel out the buildup. Your hair will still look amazing!!

Beverly Hills, CA


Come on girls let John Frieda bring out your inner brilliance!


Let me just tell you that the makers of John Frieda know brunettes! My hair is a deep shade of brown and falls to my middle back just to put you in mind of what I am using the product on. My hair has a natural wavy and is very very thick. Now that you know all that let's tell you how amazing this shampoo is(John Frieda Brilliant Brunette - Shine Release Volumizing Shampoo with Light Enhancers - Chestnut to Espresso) . First of all the smell is intoxicating. It has a warm scent that lingers ( but not too strong) between washes. I love it! Also my hair was amazingly manageable after using. It had that great run your fingers through feel that i loved. Also probably the best part is the shine. My hair  almost glistened when the light hit it. The Light Enhancers make your color pop. Its like editing a picture where you draw out a little more color. If it can bring out color on my deep hair, it will do wonders with yours! Also it had a great lather. So yes it may not be the cheapest shampoo but it is not going to run out quickly on you. The bottle is squeeze similar to a body wash or lotion tube, which i really liked in the shower. And is also great for traveling because it is slender. So go ahead my beautiful brunette's run out and give this shampoo a try! Release your inner diva and spoil yourself a bit!

Uniontown, PA


John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shine Release Volumizing Shampoo

4.4 5