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John Frieda
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Satin Shine Finishing Creme 4.4 oz

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Luxurious Pampering in a bottle.


This product is amazing!  I always have a container in my medicine cabinet... I naturally have very frizzy hair that gets even frizzier in the winter.  However, just a quarter size of this this product rubbed into my hair allows me to create amazing hair styles -- For me this works as well whether I want to do my haiir in a curly style or flat... Creates manageable hair that isn't frizzy and also aren't sticky... A must buy for all brunettes with flyaway or frizzy hair...

Brookline, MA


Add shine and luster to your hair


John Frieda Glaze is amazing.  It's not expensive and you only use a little.  It gave my dull hair a luster and shine.  I also got rid of the frizzies!  Great product.  I heard about it on Oprah, so I went out and bought it. 

Jacksonville Beach, FL


No more frizz!


Having thick, frizzy hair and suffering from alopeica areata (localized hair loss), this is my life saver!  As my "patches" of baldness begin to regroww, they are often a different texture than my "original" hair.  This product seems to help my hair feel the same texture all around, without making it oily.  Right now, my hair loss is minimall, but I still love to use this product!

Abilene, TX


Smooths any flyaways and smells great


I received this John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Satin Shine Finishing Creme as a Christmas present and promptly forgot about it for a month or two.  When I ended up trying it, I wondered why in the world I had waited so long!  I blow dry and flat iron my hair every day, and after doing that I now use less than a pea sized amount of this finishing creme on the top of my hair to smooth flyaways and add a little extra shine.  I also run my fingers through the bottom of my hair to give it some subtle definition. Because you use such a small amount, this little 4.4 ounce bottle will last forever!  Mine is not even close to being empty.  The smell is divine!  It smells sort of like shea butter, perhaps?  I don't know exactly what smell it is, but it is delicious.  I would like some perfume of the same scent. I really like this product because it makes my hair look healthy and shiny without weighing it down.  I will definitely purchase this product again when I run out!

Greenville, SC


Rockstar shine!


       I have a problem with frizzy, dull hair. Am I alone? No way! This product never left my hair greasy or weighed down and it does exactly what the the label tells you it'll do... leaves your hair with a satiny, glossy finish.       If you don't like scented products for your hair, this finishing cream probably isn't for you. It has a strong aroma. For those of you who do like scent, this aroma is a good one! It compliments the brilliant brunette line wonderfully. Give it a try!

Gaylord, MN


John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Satin Shine Finishing Creme 4.4 oz

4.8 5