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John Deere
John Deere 425

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A John Deere is the way to go if you want ANY job done!


My name is Bradley. My father acutally purchased the John Deere 425 Tractor in 1996. We have used it for 14 good years and long summers. I believe my father paid about 10k for it. Yeah, it may sound like a lot of money, but was it worth it? 110% Yes! My father passed away in 2001 so it was my job as his only son to take care of the house, yard, ect.. We have a big yard, about 2.6 achres that is filled with well growing, beautiful grass grass.The 425 John Deere has never broke down on me for all these years. I take the tractor into a John Deere Tractor dealer and repair shop every spring, which does NOT cost an arm and a leg. They are very resonable and tune everything up. About every 5-6 we have the blades sharpened. Now more about the Deere and it's amazing power and abilities. I was only 14-15 years old when I started to use it to cut the grass/lawn. The 425(John Deere) has a a wheel stearing, meaning all the wheels turn the way you want to go. The makes it wonderful for going around the house, gardens, playset, ect.. The 425 has a "saftey"sensitivity switch under the seat. Therefor, if you fall of the tractor the tractor automaticly turns off. The 425 is loaded with assecories such as cutting blade adjustments, headlights, seat adjustment, speed controll, a towing capabillity. I have used the 425 Deere for not just cutting the grass, but for hauling around dirt in the barrel you hook on to the back of the Deere. I have pulled out little trees out of the ground. Pulled down a swing set to turn it into a garden area. The Deere can do about any yard-work or landscaping job. I am very satisfied with the John Deere and recommend it to anyone the wants a lawn mower/tractor for a medium size to large size yard.

Valparaiso, IN


John Deere 425

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