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Joey New York
Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizer Foundation

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Its the best foundation ever found


As far as colors, texture, etc., I like this product very much. I'm particularly pleased that it's a mineral make-up available at a drugstore for a reasonable price. But I've found the way it's packaged to be so inconvenient. The price is much better than similar products that I have seen but I just was not happy with the results or the mess. Until I found this magnificent product, it feels like you have nothing on your face but you know that it is giving you the all over coverage and glow that you want. Some of the high-end name brands are great quality but too expensive for the amount you get, others proudly call themselves mineral make-up but the fine print tells you it's just so much tinted talcum powder. For quality, Joey New York Foundation is pretty decent stuff. It wears as well as the more expensive boutique brands.  I would highly reccommend it for people with oily skin because it looks very natural and doesn't clog your pores. It is easy to apply.

Pittsburgh, PA


very lightweight foundation!


this is the best founation ever! i have to say that i really love this foundation for everyday use because it is super lightweight and looks amazing on. it is so silky and blends in flawlessly on my face. and it looks like i am not wearing any makeup whenever i use this. i like to use a primer with this because since it is so lightweight it does not last without it. so i have to use a primer and then i blend this with my fingers. i found that to give me the best natural effect with this foundation. i use a and dust a loose powder over this to give nice finish to my founation and it lasts longer that way. i would recommend this foundation to anybody who wants to try a good foundation that will really make a differnce in the way your skin looks!i love this foundation and use it everyday and i think it is one of the best out there. i would repurchase this but i wish it was not really expensive so i can buy more of it!

Rescue, CA


Flawless Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizer Foundation


Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizing foundation does what it claims!  First of all, its a very lightweight breathable foundation that almost feels like powder on the skin without the annoyance of being breathed in and making your nose itchy.  I love powder, don't get me wrong, but its nice to have a liquid that has the feel of a powder.  It really does minimize the appearance of large pores, doesn't irritate the skin and clog the pores, and looks completely natural on the skin enhancing it the best that I have ever seen.  Its pricy, but its well worth it if you want to have pretty skin.  Its a good idea to use for special occasions, or when your skin is just at a point where its not looking great.  It really does help with keeping the pores from getting tons of clogging debris on it.  In my opinion, it actually protects the pores, because when you wash it off, it doesn't effect them negatively, and has been sitting on top of them and preventing debris from getting in the pores for the length of the day that you wear it!  You will be a satisfied customer!

Rochester, NH


Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizer Foundation,silky & light


I have searched for years for a truly good liquid to powder foundation.  I have tried many brands and many types, and have found some to be fairly good but not really exceptional.  I love receiving samples because this is how I have found products that I may not have tried otherwise.  When I first tried the **Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizer Foundation, I was so surprised and not at all disappointed!  I immediately bought the full sized product after trying.  ** **It goes on like silk, lightweight, and I found it easy to apply with it's wand applicator.  Not messy and spreads evenly and blends nicely.  Coverage is perfect and conceals little flaws and blemishes.  Does not clog pores.  I would say it is close to perfect for me, and a product that I would highly recommend to others.  I am fair skinned and the nude and lighter colors have all looked wonderful.  ** **It is a bit pricey, but I do go online and research this product and have found it at very decent prices and well worth every penny of it.    ** **Overall, a high quality face foundation and one worth trying.**

Bakersfield, CA


Use this if you like streaks all over your face!


On one of my many online orders, I acquired a couple samples of **Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizer Foundation**.  I absolutely love the current mineral foundation I am using, so I wasn't going to use the samples, but I figured they were at least worth a shot.  Um, no they weren't after all. **Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizer Foundation **is a liquid foundation that is designed to minimize the appearance of pores and lines and give a crease resistant finish.  The package says that it contains crease resistant silicone. **My Experience** I put some of the foundation on a sponge and started to apply it to my face.  It did feel nice and light on my face, but that's about the only thing I liked about it.  It left obvious streaks everywhere I applied the foundation.  I tried to rub it in more to try to wipe out the streaks, but to no avail.  Another reason why I don't like this foundation is because it contains talc and propylparaben.  It does contain some nice ingredients like aloe, cucumber, ginseng and other natural ingredients, but I won't use something that contains parabens. **The Scoop!** Even if this product didn't contain talc and propylparaben, I still wouldn't use it.  The streaks were unsightly and I had to remove all the foundation and start over with my [Sephora Mineral Powder Foundation][1] . [1]:

Camp Lejeune, NC


Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizer Foundation

3.8 5