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Joelle Cosmetics
Joelle Cosmetics Natural Mineral Lipstick

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Joelle cosmetics could be better


the Joelle Cosmetics Natural Mineral Lipstick was a different product that I never heard of and thus one that I thought that I should buy and review. I must say that I like this lipstick but I was not completely wowed by it. It was very creamy and had a nice texture to it. The color was long lasting and it didnt smear too much. The shades were just all right for me though. I think for them to improve this product they should add more colors to their repitouirre. The colors that they have are nice and they look elegant and natural, but I just feel that they can broaden their shades to get the perfect color for more women. Thus, it is a nice creamy lipstick that have nice colors for some women, but for others, the colors just are not enough. the lipstick is long lasting though so that is a plus. Thus, if the color fits, then it is a good idea to try the Joelle Cosmetics Natural Mineral Lipstick to see if you like it for yourslef.

West Newton, PA


Joelle Cosmetics natural mineral lipstick is a graet product


Joelle cosmetics Natural mineral Lipstick is a great lipstick to have out as a product because, it say's buy me i'm different and i'm refreshing and the cost is'nt high, once you buy me you'll never want to try another product ever again so i brought four just in case so i would have one with me at all time's and i'm really loving my lip's more and more each and every day because of the smooth feeling i'm a diva in training folk's and i am enjoying every single mintue of it. Yes i'm a bussy mom in training here this product is all natural i can wear it all day and never need a touch up. It shine's and the color's are outstanding as well, yes i'm loving it very much it come's in every single color smell's wonderful and it is creamy soft i say go buy if your a busy mom like me alway's on the go you need to take a break for yourself and enjoy it while you can diva's go for it.

Boston, MA


Joelle Cosmetics Natural Mineral Lipstick

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