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Joby - Gorillapod Outdoor Camera Tripod

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Very good quality multi use tripod


This mini tripod stand is just perfect for my portable projector.It is very easy to setup and it's made strong so it holds up my ten pond projector very well.I can can also use it for my phone very good quality multi use pruduct.


Long pond pa


A great accessory for travelers!


I love the gorillapod. My wife and I travelled or 7 months and used this often. We would be on a beautiful hike with no one around and be able to get a photo of the 2 of us. It also works well to help with nighttime photos when stability is important. The only negative is that ours is that the size makes it difficult to carry around all the time, but it doesn't add much to a day pack. We tried pulling the legs apart (they snap off easily), but after a few times doing this, we stopped as it started to reduce the strength of the arms.




Convenient and Compact


When I travel, I almost always have the gorillapod in my bag rather than a full-size tripod, because I simply can't stand to carry a huge, heavy tripod. However, I still want to be able to take self-portraits, nighttime shots, long exposures, etc. As a result, I need something to hold my camera steady, and the gorillapod is perfect for this. It's compact, light, and can fit just about anywhere due to its flexibility. Plus, it really can hang anywhere. I've trusted it to hold onto my ridiculously expensive camera on bridges, rooftops, and tree branches the world over. The only downside is it lacks any sort of fine adjustments. Framing a picture when using it is really just pointing the camera in a general direction, but I can overlook this in exchange for its compactness and flexibility.


Allston, MA


Perfect Gift


I bought a couple of these for gifts this Christmas--you know, for those everlasting hard-to-shop-for fathers-in-law and brothers. They all loved it, but my father-in-law most of all. He travels a lot and takes even more pictures (anywhere or anything we do, from a trip to a concert to a birthday party, he's got a digital camerafull of pics), and he just went on a trip to Germany and took this Gorillapod with him. He had even more pictures than ususal because he was able to get some awesome shots with his camera! He especially got some really cool night shots that he definitely would not have been able to take if not for this little gadget, and he said he didn't mind taking it with him because it was so light and small and portable. I tested it too, and I feel the same way about it. My favorite thing about it is that it's easy to load the camera onto the tripod (just click together the pieces). I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a gift for the man in her life who is even remotely tech-y.


Newnan, GA


Everybody should have a Gorrilla pod tripod!!


i got this tripod after seeing it in a magazine I think.  I got it for my birthday because I have a camcorder and I make youtube videos and I wanted to start making cooking videos among other things.  I loved the idea of this tripod because it could keep your camcorder balanced on uneven ground.  And it was more flexable then a standard inexpensive tripod.  I have only used it a few times because I don't need to use my camcorder that often but I enjoy it.  I enjoy just hanging onto it to give myself a little more arms reach when filming.  It does feel slightly like it's going to break with a creaking noise.  But I can very quickly move it so I can get a good set up.  I admit it does look uglier then regular tripods to me, but people always say oh cool is that a tripod?  It looks like it works well because you can move it easily!!  And it's bulkier then a tiny tripod that is just metal legs.  It is plastic of course but it feels like you can be rough with it which is good because you will be very rough with any tripod. In conclusion, for 25 bucks I think that this is the best tripod you can get for this amount of money!  More versatile, can shoot on uneven ground, and it's a great conversation starter lol!!


Hermiston, OR


best camera accessory


The joby gorillapod is a great invention. It is a really small, but flexible tripod. You can get close to the ground with it, get group shots with you in them, or a shot of you from above so much easier with this tripod. Since it is so small and light you can take it anywhere, it will fit easily into a purse, or you can wrap it around your belt. The most difficult part of using a gorillapod is bending the legs so that they will stay in place. I am always a little nervous that I didn't bend the legs securely enough around the tree branch or fence post for it to stay- but so far I have not had any accidents. The only drawbacks are that it isn't very tall, so you do have to find something at the appropriate height to attach it too and there are limitations to how well the legs bend, so you won't be able to attach it to everything. However, the gorillapod is also very cheap, even if you don't use it that often it will still be worth the price.


Portage, IN


Gorillapod: excellent concept, flawed execution


I have been using the gorillapod for my point and shoot camera for nearly 2 years now.  Every time I pull it out to use it, I really really *want* to like it, but there is always something in its design that leaves me wanting. The basic stuff aside: the gorillapod will basically do everything that you will expect it to do---take sharp photos from the most bizarre angles, and the most tripod-unfriendly places, without the use of a tripod.  However, it will do so without a fight.  When you first receive the tripod, the joints are incredibly **stiff**.  It almost feels like you are breaking the legs of the gorillaipod when you are moving/twisting them around for the first time.  You really have to **break** it in. Also, because of the joint stiffness, the gorillapod doesn't exactly allow as quick a change in angle/direciton as you would like at times.  You cannot reangle the legs as quickly as you would like or twist the miniature "ball head" in time, making missed opportunities and missed shots fairly common


Beverly Hills, CA


I'm my own photographer now...not another random tourist!


My husband and I love to travel and I am obsessed with making sure we get good pictures of us in all the places we go. We actually carried a full size tripod around with us on one vacation, which was NOT practical. And of course sometimes we would ask a fellow tourist to take our picture, but those rarely turn out...once a lady "took our picture" and we weren't even in it!  Enter Gorillapod. I cannot say enough good things about this product. It allows you to put your camera just about anywhere to set up great pictures! Some examples of places our Gorillapod has been to snap photos of us: a bridge in Paris, a fencepost by the Golden Gate Bridge, a rocky mountainside in Yosemite, a signpost in London, the rail of a cruise ship, a bench in Boston, a boulder on a cliff in Ireland. The possibilities are truly endless.  It securely attaches to any camera, and you can find a way to set it up almost anywhere! Plus it is incredibly small and lightweight. You don't even have to think about making room for it in your bag. This product is inexpensive, but priceless in my opinion. We have so many pictures with it that we couldn't have dreamed of setting up otherwise. We actually turn people down now when they offer to take our picture!


Jackson, TN


Do You have a Personal Photographer???


I received this as a gift and it has turned out to be much more useful than I could have ever imagined.  I love this little gadget and use it whenever I am out taking pictures.  I always used to fiddle around trying to find a place to set the camera so I could use the timer feature and run in the picture.  This has lead to my camera falling on the ground, not being able to find the perfect spot to put the camera and some other difficulties.  This tri-pod makes it easy to set the camera just about anywhere and is very secure.  It is also nice and small so it is very easy to carry around without much difficulty.  It also has a great locking feature so the camera does not fall off your awkwardly positioned tri-pod.  I have place it on everything from tree limbs to fences to railings, you name it I've used it.  Just this past Christmas though I was out ice fishing in Canada and in the cold weather it didn't fair to well, I cracked it.  But now I know I will have to be more careful with the next one I buy in the cold.  Another thing I'd like to add is I used it on my honeymoon and people thought the pics were great because my wife and I are in all of them and we didn't have to stop someone to take a picture every time.


Loma Linda, CA


Joby - Gorillapod Outdoor Camera Tripod

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