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jobfox is the worst of the web, complete rip off


If you try submitting several resumes for critiques, they'll all comeback with 1 of 2 or 3 copies of the exact same form letter, I wish I knew that before they ripped me off.  Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.  make up three profiles and submit the same or different resumes, you'll be amazed that each one starts getting repeats of random form replies.Not only is it a terrible site that's convoluted and difficult to navigate, I couldn't find an email to their customer service until I went to another web site to read all their reports about jobfox(surprisingly, all 47 were bad. They got some of my money for their premium membership and I'm sorry to say I paid them big bucks to write my resume and they did a terrible job on it, It was worthless. The resolution process is also terrible and I never got my money back. Unemployed with no income and paying people for poor work, Jobfox stole food off my familys table when I can least afford it. Whats equally as bad is that if you fill out a profile on their site and then find a job advertisement you want to apply for, click it and the job is listed on jobfox, jobfox won't let you apply unless you pay for the premium membership. Total scam and total ripoff. The worst of the internet.

Katy, TX



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