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Jo Malone
Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne

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Not overwhelming - just fresh and clean


One of my friends had the Jo Malone best - seller, Lime Basil and Madarin scent and I loved how fresh and clean the scent was. I can get sick of perfumes and really need something subtle and less "floral." When I did my own scent test, I gravitated toward the **Grapefruit** scent - its fresh, natural and subtle. I get so many compliments on it from men and women. I don't even like Grapefruit as a fruit or the juice. The name is misleading b/c it really doesn't smell like the fruit at all. I like to mix this scent up with **Vetyver**, another really fresh and clean scent from Jo Malone.


Elmwood Park, IL


Fresh easy to wear citrus scent


Jo Malone fragrances and skin care are a long time favorite of mine. Grapefruit is the first of her fantastic fragrances that I wore. It is a fresh and spicy citrus smell, that smells clean and crisp, though not exactly like a grapefruit. The soaps, shower gels and lotions from Jo Malone are also fantastic, as they help lengthen the scent. Jo is also very into fragrance combining, and using the scented lotions with a cologne is a great way to change your scent with your moods. She even provides suggestions of scents to combine.


Portage, MI


Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne

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