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Jo Ann Acme 5'' Titanium Scissors

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Perfect For Ripping Out Stitching


There are times when I need a smaller pair of scissors to rip out stitches or stitching from a craft project. Being able to get the ends of the scissors into the weave makes it easier to cut the thread or floss (for embroidery) without damaging the material it is attached to. I never use these for cutting paper because I have other scissors for that purpose. So far I have only had to have these sharpened one time and I have had them for at least five years. They are sharp but it's the point that will do the most damage so these should never be left out if children are around; you can purchase them individually or in a set with a larger pair. I opted to get the individual pair of scissors because I had no need for the seven inch scissors. The only downside to this pair of scissors is that the finger loops are a little on the small side and they are the same size; since I only use them for one specific thing it isn't a big deal but if you are getting these to do general fabric cutting you are not going to like the feel of them for more than a couple of minutes. The scissors are made from titanium so they are stronger and more durable than stainless steel; they do cost more than other comparably sized scissors but if they are taken care of they can last for years. I prefer using these over using a seam ripper because there is less of a chance of the material getting ripped or damaged when removing string, thread or floss.




Jo Ann Acme 5'' Titanium Scissors

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