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Jitterbug plus
Jitterbug plus Jitterbug5 - Red


Thoughtfully designed for no-hassle daily use, the Jittterbug5 takes simplicity to the next level with features like big buttons, a backlit keypad and a powerful speaker for clear conversations. Unlike most cell phones that need to be recharged almost every day, the Jitterbug5 has one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market and can go nearly a month without needing to be charged. A convenient built-in camera makes it easy to capture and share every special moment. With plans starting at $14.99 per month, staying in touch with family and friends is easier than ever.

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If You want the Basics


This is a great phone for someone who isn't interested in all of today's technology and who just wants to be able to make a phone call quickly and easily. The phone is so easy to use and keeps things as simple as possible. The extra large letters on the phone are great for people who have trouble with their vision. The phone is a flip phone, and on the outside the date and time is displayed so this is easy to access whenever it is needed. An amplified speaker is also a feature of the phone that is designed for seniors. It makes calls louder and clearer so you can always hear the conversation. As far as coverage is concerned, the hone can be used almost any where in the U.S. There is no contract to sign and no expensive fees to pay each month. Taxes and fees and I still pay just $20 a month.

Nashville, TN


Jitterbug plus Jitterbug5 - Red

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