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Jitterbug J
Jitterbug - Cell Phone

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Simplist piece of tech you can get hands on


  What is the **Jitterbug Dial Cell Phone?**  The **Jitterbug Dial Cell Phone** is a simple, easy to use cell phone.   The "dial" refers to the fact that the Jitterbug's keypad looks (and acts) very much like a push button phone.  There is an on/off button above the "no" button that turns the phone on or off.What are the good points of the **Jitterbug Dial Cell Phone**? I purchased two **Jitterbug Dial Cell Phones**, one for each of my technologically challenged parents.  It took them less than two hours to be Jitterbug 'addicts'.  These simple little cell phones make a safety net for my parents who live in Arizona, where the West can get lonely.  A 911 operator is just a pocket away for both who have health conditions.What are points that **Jitterbug Dial Cell Phone** could improve on?The on/off button of the **Jitterbug Dial Cell Phone** could be a fair bit bigger than it is on the phone.  Performance The voices over this cell phone are clear as bells. Buttons are big enough for those of failing sight to see. The screen is more obvious when it gives information. Voice Quality When you can receive a phone call, voice quality is almost as good as land line. Battery Life Battery life isn't the best but not the worst. There are multiple charging options available so you can charge your phone at home, in the car, even using a computer. Durability Cell phones are all poor in the durability stakes. Ease of Use My stepfather can use this thing, and he wouldn't touch a microwave until the 1990's. Design This phone is downright cute. Other than that, it keeps its delicate bits closed clam style.

Prescott, AZ


Can't live without my Jitterbug!


It was a wonderful gift. The Jitterbug phone was presented to me by my daughters. I used it many times for over a year. After losing my job I re-budgeted and determined to eliminate luxuries- - the jitterbug was on the list. I put an ad in our local paper and sold it. That was a month ago. Thank goodness I sold it to a friend because last week I bought it back, because I just couldn't live without my Jitterbug

Cary, NC


I like Jitterbug


I bought a used Jitterbug for my parents who are in their late eighties.  Once they got the hang of a cell phone, which they'd never had, they love it.  The only problem is that the voice recognition doesn't ever understand what we are saying, so they don't use that feature.  I thought this would be an excellent option for my mother, who is visually challenged.  However, since it is a used phone, I'm not ready to blame Jitterbug.  I'm going to buy a new version of the phone, (which has a speaker, good for Dad who can't hear well), and maybe we'll have better luck with the voice recogniction option.  The operators have been very professional when I've needed them.  I like using the website too.  You can see how many minutes you've used this month, and how many are left, and your invoices.  You can even call to ask for a print-out of phone numbers called, or called from.  Those minutes are eaten up quickly, even for someone who hardly uses the phone.  From the website, you can add phone numbers to the directory, etc.   

San Antonio, TX


Jitterbug - Cell Phone

5.0 3