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Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean D-Lights Sandwiches

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Tasty but not very big


I decided to try this product because I received a free sample from my local grocery store. I was able to get one box of Jimmy Dean Delights sandwiches for free. I choose to try the Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Sharp Cheddar on a Honey Wheat Bun. There were 2 sandwiches in this package but the sandwiches were not very large around, not big enough to get more than say 6 bites per sandwich. These are supposed to be a more healthy choice as opposed to most convenience foods you could choose for lunch. The two sandwiches together have 290 calories and are low in saturated fat and sugars. They also provide 21 grams of protein which is a reasonably good amount. They were tasty but not enough food to be filled or even feel like you got more than a few bites of the good tasking food. They are a bit on the expensive side for how little food they provide. I am not likely to purchase this product again.

Ann Arbor, MI


The "Sun" was right!


I am a diabetic who recently discovered my choice of breakfast was poor. So, I tried the Jimmy Dean egg white, bacon and cheese on honey wheat muffin sandwiches. I cant eat sausage due to my stomach, so this was a good alternative for me. I was surprised that it was a very tasty sandwich. The egg whites were not rubbery as I expected them to be, and the flavor of each ingredient came through with each bite. I am pleased with this product and with its nutritional value and will continue to buy it. Its only 210 calories. I love the "Sun" on the Jimmy Dean commercials, and he was right about this breakfast!

Sun Valley, NV


I hate to sacafice taste for health but..


  I bought several of these for the convenience and because they are a healthy alternative but sadly gave them up because I did not enjoy them  I switched to lean pockets. I passed them on to my husband who replaces the egg white with a whole egg and adds cheese. They are pretty pricey too. Dont bother with them theere are other quick alternatives

Acworth, GA


Jimmy Dean D-Lights Sandwiches

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