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Jiffy Tooth Ache Drops

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Toothaches Disappear In A Jiffy


Jiffy Toothache Drops have been around forever. When I was a child my family and I were going to see my Grandmother who lived about fifty five miles away. My older brother got up with a toothache that morning and he didn't feel like going.We all were looking forward to the trip so my mama fixed him right up. She got out the Jiffy Toothache Drops. The way it works is you put a bit on a small piece of cotton and place the cotton on the affected tooth. Them you bite down gently to keep the cotton place. It contains a numbing medication so you no longer fill the pain. My brother felt better right away so off we went. On the way there something funny happened and my brother laughed so hard he swallowed the cotton. He said his whole throat was numb but no toothache. I used this a couple of years ago and I used too much. My gums and tongue got raw and irritated. When I got to the Dentist he wanted to know what I had done. EMBARRISING!!! Jiffy Toothache Drops really work.I only gave this product 3 stars because of the damage it can do to the gums. **The picture on this review is just for a little fun!** Read the print.


Rocky Mount, NC


Jiffy Tooth Ache Drops

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