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Jiffy Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Jiffy-Mix

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The worst


This is the worst starting soil I have ever seen. It takes for ever to get wet, then it looks like it has a lot mulch ground up in it. I wish I could find the kind of soil the commercial planters use.




Jiffy Seed Starting Mix Gives Seeds a Good Start


I like to start my vegetables inside before the last frost so I can begin enjoying my tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers as soon as possible! By July I can sow a second crop of squash and cukes. Also, I have been experimenting with loofah plants, which need a very long growing season, which is possible in my climate, but the sooner I start the seeds, the more likely I will get a good crop of loofah. My Dad, a man with 10 green thumbs, recommended using a seed starting mix, and I bought it at my local Atwoods on sale. I bought 2 bags, but I just finshed planting my vegetable seeds this year and only used 3/4 of the first bag. The mix looks like a light, fluffy soil mixed with vermiculite. The marketing material says it is a soil mix with " the special pH and nutrients needs of today's new seed and plant varieties". I'm no chemist or biologist or geologist or soil scientist, but I do know that when my Dad recommends a gardening product, I follow his recommendation. This seed starting mix is no exception. I've tried ordinary garden soils to start my seeds and I have much sturdier seedlings when I use the seed starting mix.


Jenks, OK


Jiffy Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Jiffy-Mix

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