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Jiffy Iron/Steamer

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Jiffy Steamer is easy to use


I love this steamer! It heats up quickly and the water reservior is a good size, even if you are steaming clothes for half an hour, you won't need to refill it. At the same time, it is still not too heavy when it is filled. The wheels make it easy to use. The cord does does get a little warm because of the steam traveling through it. The top which holds the steaming wand is a nice place to hang clothes while steaming. It would be nice in the cord for the steam wand was a bit longer. Steaming clothing is just soo much easier than ironing clothing. This steamer isn't cheap, but you are getting quality that is going to last, even if you use it often. I used it professionally in a small clothing boutique, steaming new shipments of clothing, which is using it for several hours at a time every few weeks.

Bothell, WA


Jiffy steamer works perfectly.


There are just some pieces of clothing that you can't iron such as nice party dresses so I think that it's essential for every person to have a clothing steamer as well as a traditional iron. You'll need this to take out the wrinkles in thin materials such as silk, party dresses, slacks, thin blouses, ties, etc. I didn't read any reviews about the Jiffy steamer before purchasing it, so thank goodness it turned out to be a good product. It is easy to set up out of the box, and is very convenient to use. It heats up fast and usually can get out all wrinkles pretty quickly. It gives your clothes a new look as if they just came back from the dry cleaners. The steamer handle is lightweight and the unit can easily roll around to any part of the house you want. It's also a lot more fun to use a steamer than a traditional iron. This is the only personal steamer I've ever used so I don't really know how it compares to other steamer brands, but this one is definitely good enough for me.

Ontario, CA


Unwrinkles clothes quickly!!


This steamer is awesome!! I received it last year for Christmas and it was by far the best present ever! I have saved so much in dry cleaning by having this that it paid for itself in just months of using. I use my steamer every day and love it so much. It works better on my black pants than an iron because of the material. It can be used on any material out there quicker than an iron can. I feel that it is better on my clothes than an iron is. I even used this on my bridesmaids dresses this past October, instead of having them professionally straightened. I work every day and give myself about 20 minutes to get dressed, including picking out my clothes. I usually turn this baby on, find what I am going to wear and steam it all in 10 minutes. It is such a blessing that I didn't realize I was missing until I received this gift. I would recommend this to anyone who needs clothes to be straight and nice looking. I also use it to refresh a pair of pants that aren't dirty but might be a little wrinkly. There are many products that you can buy with this, but i find it works well just hanging the items and pulling on them as you run the steamer down them.

Indianapolis, IN


Jiffy Iron/Steamer

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