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Jif Simply Jif

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Yes, choose Jif!


My husband chooses Jif so that is the only peanut butter we usually by. It is very creamy and has a good peanutty flavor. Spreads easily. I like the plastic jars to use for other things when that Jif peanut butter is all gone. Peanut butter is a good source of protein and can also be used in many recipes. Jif does have a little more sugar than some peanut butters however. But we still choose Jif.  

Saint James, MN


excellent taste


Simply jif has less sugar and lower sodium than the regular peanut butter. There is a slight difference in the taste but it still taste great and I like the fact that it is lower in sugar. It still has the nice creamy texture as the regular. The beat part it only has 6 grams of carbs. i highly recommened this product.  

Northfield, OH


33% less sugar and no loss in taste


Yes I have tried natural peanut butters, but the one I tried didn't taste like Jif peanut butter with it's real roasted peanut taste. The natural peanut butter I had tasted like burnt peanuts. **Simply Jif** tastes like fresh roasted peanuts and it still as all the great taste as the regular Jif, but 33% less sugar and low in sodium.  Calories are still a bit high at 190 per two Tbsp. Fat Cal. 130 (I love thick peanut butter sandwiches on high fiber/flax seed bread so I will have to cut it down a bit). The Carbs are 6 grams  with 2 two grams of fiber that brings down the carbs to 4 grams for the carbs.  65 mg of Sodium, protein 8 grams, and sugar 2 grams. I want to eat heathier, but I won't give up my Jif taste.  It's strange that my natural Smucker's peanut butter didn't taste as good as Jif because Jif is made by Smucker's. Simply Jif is great on crackers, veggies, healthy bread or just from the spoon.  Yeah now we are talking :)

Appleton, WI


Jif Simply Jif

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