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Jiade Truly Organic Moisturizer for Oily Skin

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Must have product for oily skin


Honestly, there is nothing I didn't like about this product. It moisturized my skin. It wasn't greasy or oily. It absorbed quickly. It was very easy to use. It smells nice, too. I love how it's organic. In general, the product is amazing. Ease of Application It absorbed quickly and and easily. It's fast and still works.




Jiade Moisturizer for Oily skin - Amazing gift from nature


This moisturizer set the beginning of my acne-free, healthy and glowing skin! It is truly amazing how this moisturizer (The Truly Organic Moisturizer for Oily and Sensitive Skin) revived my dull, damaged and dehydrated skin. It was only after a 2-3 weeks that my acne started to heal, my black spots disappear and my pores diminish, only to reveal my real skin-healthy, clear and glowing! I have had acne for a long time, ever since I can remember, my skin is sensitive and dehydrated and at the same time my pores were clogged. Could the combination be any worse? No other cream or lotion could manage all the problems at the same time. This moisturizer worked on everything, I have no more dry patches, my t-zone doesn't shine and the best part is-no more acne, hurray! My skin is now soft, smooth, clear and glowing. What also gives me a peace of mind is that what I put on my face is the best that nature can give us, not only there are no chemicals, petroleum-based ingredients, or preservatives and perfumes, but its truly organic. Oh! Did I mention how great it smells? Just like a flower garden in a spring morning!


Federal Way, WA


Jiade Truly Organic Moisturizer for Oily Skin

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