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Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer

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Great lotion


This is one of my favorite lotions, it moisturizes my skin great and smells so good but I do wish it wasn't quite as greasy as it is



a great all over lotion


I like it when I find a product like this one because I can use it all over my body so it costs me less and I only have one product to apply not many. I get great results right away and when I use this lotion regularly I have great moisturized skin with out any problems. Scent I am very sensitive to a lot of overly perfumed products but this one does not bother me and the natural scent of shea butter is a light fragrance that does not overly linger on my skin like some other scented lotions I have tried. Absorption Even though this lotion is highly concentrated and thick it absorbs quickly and deeply into my skin and works all day long so I don't have to keep applying it. Effectiveness I love the smell of shea butter and with this lotion product I only have to put it on once a day and it works very well all day long. I have sensitive skin and this lotion helps control my dry and cracked areas of skin with out leaving behind any greasy residue.



Where's the Shea?


I am not impressed. Captured by the "shea butter with deep conditioning moisturizer," I swiped this bottle of lotion from my daughter and just knew I finally found something that would give me great results! It should be very moisturizing with the inclusion of shea butter, but that's not the case. It's mediocre, but not suitable for conditioning dry skin. It's not up to par. I found myself mixing this "conditioning" lotion with baby oil and other moisturizers to increase effectiveness. By putting shea butter in the name, one thinks they are going to receive ample moisture in the product and this is a plus for dry and very dry skin. I was disappointed; as I had expected to get ample moisturizing and conditioning for my skin. It's an average product at best; the so-called addition of what must be about 1/4 of shea butter does not improve this Jergen's product. Scent No noticable scent. A nice, soft scent would've added something to this product.

Mcdonough, GA


Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer

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