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Jergens Naturals® Soothing Soft Daily Moisturizer

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Jergens Naturals Soothing Soft Daily Moisturizer hydrates skin.


Another great sample I received is Jergens Naturals Soothing Soft Daily Moisturizer. I was sent a 0.1 fluid ounce (2.9 ml.) sachet of it. I couldn't wait to try it, so I tore off the top, and squeezed out a pure white moisturizer, that wasn't as thick as some I have used. However, when I used it, it rubbed in so easily. The smell was really faint, and once on, you really couldn't smell it. I managed to make the sachet do all of my body, and when finished, I had a lovely softness to my skin, and it felt moist, but not sticky. The feeling lasted with me all day long. Jergens state on the sachet that it contains: yogurt, chamomile, and soy extract. Paraben free, not tested on animals, and dermatologist-tested. This is another Jergens product that I love. Scent Hardly noticeable. Absorption Disappears almost immediately. Effectiveness Skin stays hydrated all day long.

New Port Richey, FL


pretty good


ive used this cream and actually really liked it. smells good . smell isnt too strong. leaves you skin really smooth. i think its even great for people with real dry/sensitive skin. and price is pretty decent. wish they made soap

Charlotte, NC


I like that it's natural, but the scent doesn't agree with me.


I received the **Jergens Naturals Soothe Daily Moisturizer **in the mail for free, along with the rest of their new Naturals line of body lotions.  Even though I don't have irritated skin, which this lotion is designed for, it is still a body lotion for dry skin. ***Jergens says: ***"With Jergens Naturals Soothe Daily Moisturizer your skin will rediscover a sense of calmness with an infusion of moisturizers and rich emollients that relieve dry irritated skin, talking it to a new level of natural comfort." **Jergens Naturals Soothe Daily Moisturizer **is made with 93% natural ingredients and contains no parabens or mineral oil, which are in most drug store lotions. I rubbed this lotion all over my left arm and left leg.  The first thing I noticed is the scent.  I really didn't like the scent.  Someone else might not even notice it, but it has a perfumey scent that gives me a headache. The lotion left my hands feeling a little greasy and waxy, but it eventually rubbed in completely.  I do like that this lotion is made with 93% natural ingredients and that it doesn't have any parabens or petroleum, but the scent was too unpleasant for me.  However, I do have an aversion to most scents, so the average person might not be bothered by it. Some of the moisturizing and relieving ingredients in this lotion are: - **Yogurt **- Softens skin and rebalances natural pH levels - **Chamomile** - Relieves and quiets skin irritation - **Soy Extract** - Contains vitamin E to promote healthy skin **The Scoop!** Hopefully the other Jergens Naturals lotions I received won't have this scent.  I wouldn't buy this lotion because of the scent alone and also because I order custom-scented lotions from which smell wonderful!  If you don't mind the scents in most beauty products, you would probably like this product.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Jergens Naturals® Soothing Soft Daily Moisturizer

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