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Jenny Craig
Jenny Craig 2 lb. Hand Weights

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Jenny Craig 2 lb. Hand-weights.


These lightweight hand weights are comfortable, portable, and effective. There is a little spot to put your thumb through, and the wider spot is for the rest of your fingers. I wear them when I go for walks or when I do the laundry. It's easy to burn a few extra calories doing that household chore. Sometimes I'll do bicep curls, or tricep extenders while I'm watching TV. Like other Jenny Craig products, it can be expensive. You could use 2 lb. cans of food for the same effectiveness, but not for the same amount of comfort. You can't add weight to them, it's straight up 2 lbs. I have lost over 120 pounds doing Jenny Craig, and this has helped. If cost isn't an object, and you're just wondering if this is comfortable, portable, and easy. I'd buy them. If you're trying to save money, I'd steer clear. I'd also look online for similar products because these aren't much different than other brands. The material feels nice to the touch, as well.

Riverside, CA


Jenny Craig 2 lb. Hand Weights

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