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Jennie-O Turkey Franks

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Healthier than regular hot dogs and oh so tasty


I have always been big on hot dogs ever since I was a kid. I know they are not the healthiest food, but they are fast and taste good. Even now, at 30 years old I love my hot dogs. Until recently I had thought turkey franks would be tasteless and unappealing. I am so glad I was wrong. Recently I purchased a package of Jennie-O turkey franks and have not looked back. Not only do these have fewer calories than conventional hot dogs but they taste good too. There is less of a salty after taste with these over conventional franks. With fewer additives than other franks these are definitely a healthier choice that can be made. I would recommend these to anyone who like hot dogs/franks, especially if you are looking for a healthier lower calorie alternative. I do believe that going forward I will always purchase the Jennie-O brand franks over any other brand or type of hot dog. Take the risk, it's worth it!



Finally - Healthier Hot Dogs that Taste Great!


Living in Vegas, we tend to barbeque year round.  And my family loves burgers and hot dogs on the grill.  Well - did you ever look at the ingredients in a hot dog??  Not too appetizing, is it? I try to incorporate healthy eating when I can.  I buy ground turkey for burgers, or use 4% fat ground beef.  But have never really found a healthier solution for hot dogs that taste any good .... until now!  Tried the Jennie-O Turkey Franks, and my family was surprised at how good they were.  When you grill them, and get those great grill marks, and load them with healthy condiments and whole wheat bun, my family loves them.  And with 50% less fat than normal hotdogs, I feel better when I buy them.  And being budget conscious, they are really priced great, too.

Las Vegas, NV


Jennie-O Turkey Franks

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